Residential Information

Monday thru Friday, 8am to 4pm
You may pay your water bill at anytime by using the drop box located on the west side of the building. 

This form is for individuals who want to have their utility bill automatically deducted from their checking account.   Applicants may download this form but they must drop it off in person to city hall.

pdf Automatic Withdrawal FORM for Utility payments 12.44 Kb

The following are the building permit instructions and application forms.

pdf Fulton Building Permit Instructions & Forms 96.46 Kb

To schedule a ride or for fee information, please call 1-888-622-9230.   

MARINA - for more information on winter storage or slip rentals please download the following forms:


  • Every Wednesday.
  • All refuse should be at the curb by 6:00 A.M.
  • Try to keep the weight of trash at a maximum of 35lbs. 
  • There is a limit of three (3) 35 gallon bags or refuse containers per week
  • Keep your trash cans covered with a lid to prevent moisture.  If you do not have a lid, drill holes in the bottom of can so moisture can escape. 
  • Yard Waste pick-up is every Tuesday, April through November.  See below for more details about yard waste pick-up.

New and/or replacement recycling bins can be purchased at Fulton City Hall, 415 11th Avenue, for $10.  The recycling bin can be placed outside with your regularly scheduled garbage pick up.   

Recyclables include:  magazines, brochures, phone books, catalogs, newsprint, paper inserts, shoe boxes, clothing boxes, all food boxes, large and small appliance and electronic goods boxes, paper grocery bags, metal pie and cake pans, aluminum foil.  All glass, metal and plastic food and beverage containers with the exception of wax type milk and juice cartons.  All food packaging is recyclable with the exception of plastic bags that frozen food items come in.  Don't forget to recycle all of your laundry detergent jugs and boxes and your empty antifreeze and oil containers.  Please make sure all containers are empty and that items with heavy residue such as peanut butter, salad dressing, jams, etc. are rinsed well to reduce the presence of pests.  For complete details contact Moring Disposal or 815-938-3602. 

BULKY WASTE ITEMS:  With just a quick call to Moring Disposal, you can arrange to have just  about anything picked up - old furniture, appliances, bikes, etc.  Contact Moring Disposal at 815-938-3602 or .

ANNUAL BULKY WASTE PICK-UP DAY:   2013 Date To Be Announced.  For details and a complete listing of acceptable items, download form here.

BURN DAYS:  Residents are permitted to burn yard waste only on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.   

This program is available every Tuesday starting the first week of April and running through the month of November.  All homes within the City, with the exception of a few condominiums and apartment complexes, are eligible for the landscape waste program.

  • Residents can place yard waste at the curb (or at their usual site of refuse pickup) by 6:00 A.M. on Tuesday mornings.  You may use Kraft paper yard waste bags (brown paper bags - not plastic) or covered trash containers that do not exceed thirty (30) gallons in capacity which are clearly marked with an "X". 
  • Try to keep the weight of the yard waste items at 35 lbs or less.  There is no limit to the number of items that you can put out, so put out a few extra bags or cans rather than putting as much as possible into individual cans.  Drill holes in the bottom of cans so moisture can escape from freshly mowed lawns. 
  • Brush items must not exceed two inches in diameter or four feet in length.  Brush should be bundled and bundles should not exceed two feet in diameter.  Brush items can also be placed in trash cans or bags, but should be cut down a bit shorter than the allowed four feet.
  • Make sure to never use plastic bags, they do not break down in the composting pile.
  • Paper grocery bags, though made out of the same material as landscaping bags, may not hold up to moisture.

HAZARDOUS WASTE DISPOSAL:   Learn how to dispose of anything and everything by downloading this form

ComEd - Non-emergency calls 1-800-334-7661.  To report street light outages, visit, click on Customer Service and follow links on the wepage.  For new electric service call 1-866-639-3532.  To subsribe to outage alerts text ADD OUTAGE to 26633.  To report an outage text OUT to 26633.  By visiting you can learn more about their mobile ap, outage map, and social media resources.  

There are several community parks available to the Public. 
Den Besten Park -
corner of 10th Avenue & 1st Street
10th Avenue School Park - corner of 10th Avenue & 9th Street.  The pavillion at this park is on a first come, first serve basis - no reservations are available.
Drives Athletic Park - 1300 Park Drive - The pavillion at this park is on a first come, first serve basis - no reservations are available.  However, if you are wanting to use the ball diamonds or soccer field for official game use - please contact Dan Clark at Fulton City Hall, 815-589-2616.  Teams must schedule ball diamond and soccer field use.
Pleasure Park - 6th Avenue & 10th Street
Kiwanis Park - 16th Avenue & 4th Street
Cattail Park - 100 19th Street - this indoor facility is available for rent.  Contact City Hall for reservations and details 815-589-2616.  Cost is $40 rental fee plus $40 refundable deposit for residents within the city limits.  $75 rental fee plus $40 refundable deposit for non-residents.  The facility seats 50. 
Heritage Canyon - 515 N. 4th Street - the church in the Canyon is available for small weddings.  The church seats up to 25 people.  Cost to rent the church is $185 (includes a $50 refundable deposit).  Please call the caretaker for details and availability - 815-589-4600.  


Fulton City Hall
415 11th Avenue
Fulton, IL 61252