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Dave's Famous Ribs
Dave's Famous Ribs

Fulton Steak and Ribs

Fulton Steak & Ribs

Whether from Tennessee, Texas, Georgia, Louisiana, or the Carolinas, southern BBQ is the sweetest and most sultry taste around.  DJ's own secret sauce makes our smoked BBQ Ribs melt in your mouth.

Owners David and Melinda James spent years perfecting the art of turning desires into actualities. They know how to listen to what you want, make suggestions when you need help, keep your event under your budget and create a truly enchanted experience for you and those with whom you choose to celebrate.

You'll love Melinda's Chicken George. Homemade sauce with special spices make this a masterpiece.  It's so tender and juicy, you may not want to share.

Our Gourmet Burger has been said to be the best burger in the area.  You'll never forget your first time!  You'll be back for more.

David and Melinda James
1107 4th Street
City, State Zip
Fulton, IL 61252

4-10pm Monday-Saturday (closed on Sundays)

Published in Restaurants/Cafe/Grill

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