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January 29, 2021

A Great Time to Show Your Love

FULTON, IL – Like communities across the country and the world, Fulton has suffered because of the ongoing pandemic.  Local friends and family members have died, some have been or continue to be sickened by COVID, and numerous businesses and livelihoods have been impacted just in our little city.  With Valentine’s Day approaching, now is a very appropriate time to pause and think of those who mean so much. This might be a spouse, another loved one, the helpful neighbor, those who work to keep our country safe and healthy, a favorite sports team, pets who are faithful companions—almost anyone or anything. 

In addition to all the traditional ways to show one’s appreciation around Valentines Day, Fulton’s community foundation (the Fulton Association for Community Enrichment—FACE) has another way to do it right now that not only pays tribute but helps Fulton two times over. 

First, all donations of at least $25 to FACE’s Community Impact Fund are acknowledged on the LOVE SOMEONE, LOVE FULTON display in the windows of the Masonic Lodge in downtown Fulton (see photo below)—sharing the donor’s love or appreciation with the community at large.  Second, all donations will do good within Fulton, building up the fund used to provide grants to local charitable groups which provide so many services throughout Fulton.  Third, the D.S. Flikkema Foundation has provided $5,000 in matching funds that will double the impact of each gift received until more than $5,000 in new donations has been received. 

FACE is a geographic affiliate of the Quad Cities Community Foundation so online donations can be made through QCCF’s system ( will take donors directly to FACE’s Community Impact Endowment giving page).  Donations may also be mailed to FACE, PO Box 292, Fulton IL 61252.  If you would like additional information, contact Connie Koehn at 815.589.2646.


2021 01 FACE Window Display

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