De Immigrant Windmill

City Council Agenda - December 21, 2018

December 21, 2018
5:30 PM


1. Call to order

2. Roll Call

3. Pledge of Allegiance

4. Approve Council Meeting Minutes and Committee of the Whole Minutes (pages 2-5)

5. Opening of bids for possible sale of Drives building

6. Closed session to discuss sale of property and litigation

7. Return to open session

8. Motion to accept or reject bids for possible sale of Drives building. The council reserves the right to reject all bids.

9. If bid for sale is accepted, motion to pass Ordinance Authorizing the Sale of Municipally Owned Real Estate and acceptance of the terms of Contract to Purchase. (pages 7-13)

10. If bid for sale is not accepted, motion to award contract for abatement and demolition of Drives building to Lohman Construction. Lohman was the low bidder at $143,850. Bids include labor at prevailing wage. (page 6)

11. Motion to allow the Administrator to sign a contract with Azavar Consulting to provide services to audit our sales tax receipts in an effort to find unpaid or underpaid taxes. Azavar services will be at no charge. If additional revenue is found then Azavar retains 45% of the found revenue and the city retains 55%. (pages 14-17)

12. Adjourn to the Committee of the Whole Meeting

13. Adjourn


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