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City Council Agenda January 28, 2019

January 28, 2019
5:30 PM


1. Call to order

2. Roll Call

3. Pledge of Allegiance

4. Recognition of Service – Dale W. Green

5. Communication from Visitors

6. Council Meeting Synopsis (pages 1-2)

7. Consent Agenda (All items in the consent agenda will be enacted by a single motion and roll call vote. Any item may be removed upon request by the Mayor or any Alderman and considered individually after all other items of business on the consent agenda).

• Approve Council Meeting Minutes (pages 3-6)
• Approve Treasurer’s Report (pages 7-10)

8. Rule on Items Removed from Consent Agenda

9. Business

A. Ordinance to change the number of liquor licenses – number changed will be debated following motion (page 11-12)

Motion: To Approve

B. Approve training for Officer Hamilton (Mid-Level Narcotics Investigations – Bloomington, IL (pages 13-14)

Motion: To Approve

C. Annual Meeting Schedule (pages 15-16)

Motion: To Approve

D. Approve request from the Administrator to Update/Revise the “Smoking Prohibited” in City Government Buildings to the “Use of Tobacco Products” (page 17)

Motion: To Approve
E. Approve the request from the Administrator for the proposed new “Policy for Press Release Review and Approval” (page 18)

Motion: To Approve

F. Approve the release of closed meeting minutes that no longer need to be sealed

Motion: To Approve

10. Adjourn to the Committee of the Whole Meeting

11. Adjourn