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City Council Agenda, March 13, 2023



March 13, 2023

5:30 PM



  1. Call to order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Pledge of Allegiance
  4. Recognition of Volunteers
  5. Communication from Visitors (Any communication that is NOT on the agenda for consideration)
  6. Presentations
  7. Consent Agenda (All items in the consent agenda will be enacted by a single motion and roll call vote. Any item may be removed upon request by the Mayor or any Aldermen and considered individually after all other items of business on the consent agenda.)

Approve Council Meeting Minutes from February 27, 2023 (pages 1-5)

Approve Bill List (pages 6-19)

Approve Treasurer’s Report

  1. Business (All Items listed under Business may be acted upon)

A.  Approve the Ordinance and Cash Real Estate Contract with Dan Dolan - Sale of Property in Industrial Center, 46.9 acres (price established at $10,600/acre for the first 18 acres, and $15,000/acre for 28.903 acres) and additional 12 acres (price to be determined by the council) The final sale of 12 acres are pending, until survey is completed (pages 20-33)

Motion:  To Approve

B.  Approve Band Shell Funding (City Funding not to exceed $75,000) 

Motion:  To Approve

C.  Approve the City Hall – Police Department Generator ($12,000)

Motion:  To Approve

D.  Approve a Timken Drives Building Donation requested by Chuck Dykstra in the amount of $100,000 and not less than $50,000

Motion:  To Approve

E.  Approve a Baseball Banner Sign in the amount of $200, requested by Barb Franz    

Motion:  To Approve

F.  Approve to waive bids for Progress Drive – project amount $120,000

Motion:  To Approve

G.  Approve a Marina Loan, in the amount of $150,000 at 5% interest for 10 years through Central Bank 

Motion:  To Approve

H.   Approve a Backhoe Loan, in the amount of $62,750 at 3.75% for 3 years through Central Bank

Motion:  To Approve

 I.   Approve Calendar Parking  

Motion:  To Approve

J.  Approve a one-time donation to the Impact Program – amount to be determined by the council

Motion:  To Approve



Committee Reports



Economic Development

Parks & Rec

Public Safety



Mayor’s Report

Aldermen Report

City Administrator’s Report

Chief of Police Report

Public Works Director Report

Fulton Tourism (page 34)

Historical Society

Adjourn to Closed Session to discuss sale of property, and personnel.

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