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City Council Budget Workshop, February 22, 2020

February 22, 2020 Budget Workshop
Fulton City Hall
9:00 AM—Noon


1. Fund 77 – K9 Fund – This is an established Account

a. As of May 1st, start of new fiscal year, transfer balance of checkbook ($20,000 as of today) to Fund 77.
b. Move K9 Expense accounts from operating budget of PD to Fund 77.
c. Removes $23, 099 of expense from Budget.
d. Allows tracking of expenses for K9 and income.
e. Still proceed with Foundation to process fund raising.

2. Proposal of new Capital Budget

a. Items that are assets or long term should be in a capital fund.
b. This fiscal year is good time to start as we have few items.
c. Create new account with income and expense items.
d. Long term we will work on what income is used to fund this account.
e. Removes $20,000 from budget.

3. Presentation of proposed 5% cuts – details on what effect this will have on operations.

4. Submit a new draft budget if items 1 and 2 are agreed upon.

5. Presentation of income/expense/funding options

a. New income
b. 5% cuts
c. Transfers from existing funds