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City Council Committee of the Whole Agenda, April 8, 2019

April 8, 2019


1. Committee of the Whole Synopsis (pages 1-3)

2. Public Input & Presentations

A. Budget Review (pages 4-20)

B. City Attorney Shirk recommendation to pass a “Use of unofficial email accounts and text messages for work-related communication” Ordinance (pages 21-22)

C. Zoning Discussion relating to the 1000 Block of 11th Ave – former site of Unity Grade School

D. “Woz T-Shirts” – Request direction from Council for modification of shirts (page 23)

E. Leads Online Software – Allows better interface with local pawn shops (pages 24-30)

F. Audit RFP – Received two proposals

G. Training request for Lt. Donnie Pridemore and Officer Adam Wherry (pages 31-34)

H. Administrator request to remove evergreens from around South and East sides of the Council Chamber

I. Plans to swear in Jake Willging at April 22, 2019 Council Meeting as new Fulton Police Officer

J. Request approval from Council to get appraisal for lot the City owns on 9th Ave

K. Approve new Marina Lease at April 22, 2019 meeting (pages 35-45)

L. Request approval for Administrator to attend IML Lobby Day in Springfield on May 1, 2019 (pages 46-47)

M. Advise Council that we have hired Devin Bly on a temporary basis to fill in for Gary Munson, as he continues treatment from a work related injury

N. Request from Rec League to allow sale of liquor on Opening Day, May 5, 2019

3. Committee Chair Reports

Budget/Finance Committee

Public Property Committee

Public Safety

Parks and Recreation



Economic Development

4. Mayor’s Report

5. City Administrator’s Report (pages 48-49)

6. Aldermen Reports

7. Public Works Director – Dan Clark (page 50)

8. Police Chief – Dave Bartels

9. Tourism Coordinator – Debi Ervin

10. Adjourn

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