De Immigrant Windmill

City Council Committee of the Whole Agenda, June 24, 2019

June 24, 2019


1. Committee of the Whole Synopsis (pages 1-3)

2. Public Input & Presentations

A. Presentation from Sheriff John Booker

B. Presentation from Citizens on Fulton Park System

C. Expansion at “The Dispensary” (pages 4-5)

D. Intention to apply for Cultivation Center License

E. Preliminary Design ideas for City Plaza located at corner of 4th St and 10th Ave (page 6)

F. UPDATE - NWIL ED Director, Lisa McCarthy submitted her resignation

G. Presentation from Neal and Jane Luker to purchase the section of 3rd Ave west of 4th St

H. Question from Administrator – What arrangements are in place for the care of various
plantings around town on city property?

I. Relocation of Lincoln Highway Mural/Signage

J. Resolution from the Council to allow current Mayor and Administrator access to the lock box at Central Bank

K. Request from individual to purchase a concrete boundary marker at the southeast corner of 4th St and 19th Ave, outside the “Brunch House” (page 7)

3. Committee Chair Reports

Budget/Finance Committee (page 8)

Public Property Committee

Public Safety

Parks and Recreation



Economic Development

4. Mayor’s Report

5. City Administrator’s Report (pages 9-10)

6. Aldermen Reports

7. Public Works Director – Dan Clark

8. Police Chief – Dave Bartels

9. Tourism Coordinator – Debi Ervin

10. Historical Society (page 11)

11. Adjourn