De Immigrant Windmill

City Council Committee of the Whole Agenda, May 28, 2019

May 28, 2019


1. Committee of the Whole Synopsis (pages 1-4)

2. Public Input & Presentations

A. Zoning – Consider changes to code to address RV and Trailer Parking in residential areas
(pages 5-6)

B. Discussion on the “Official” City Logo (page 7)

C. Request from Riverbend to waive the building permit fee for their $189,000 remodeling project

D. Consider sale of land adjoining owners defined as “West End of 2nd Avenue” (pages 8-9)

E. Consider sale of land in Fulton Industrial Center to Justin Knott (page 10)

F. Consider rezoning the north half of two lots that are at the east end of the current 16th Place
(pages 11-14)

G. Consider proposed reimbursement ordinance as recommended by IML (pages 15-18)

H. Proposed salary increases for non-union employees

I. Appointment of Tammy Garibay to the position of Business Manager

3. Committee Chair Reports

Budget/Finance Committee

Public Property Committee

Public Safety

Parks and Recreation



Economic Development

4. Mayor’s Report

5. City Administrator’s Report (pages 19-20)

6. Aldermen Reports

7. Public Works Director – Dan Clark

8. Police Chief – Dave Bartels

9. Tourism Coordinator – Debi Ervin

10. Adjourn

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