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City Council Meeting Agenda May 22, 2023



May 22, 2023

5:30 PM

Please click on the link below to view the City Council meeting.

Regular Meeting

1.         Call to order

2.         Roll Call

3.         Pledge of Allegiance

4.         Introduction - Appointment Mindy Burggraaf by Mayor

5.         Recognition of Volunteers –

6.         Communication from Visitors (Any communication that is NOT on the agenda for             consideration)

7.         Presentations – Dr. Lori Cortez (Impact Program)

8.         Consent Agenda (All items in the consent agenda will be enacted by a single motion and roll call vote. Any item may be removed upon request by the Mayor or any Aldermen and considered individually after all other items of business on the consent agenda.)

  • Approve Council Meeting Minutes from May 8, 2023 (pages 4-9)
  • Approve April’s Treasurer’s Report (pages 10-17)

9.         Business


  • Received bids on Bandshell. Action to approve. Eric will explain bids and City work involved. See attachments. (pages 18-20)

                  Motion:  To Approve

  • Approval for Mayor Wendy to attend sessions in Washington, D.C. to possibly acquire money. Flight and 2-night stay.

Motion: To Approve

  • Impact Program donation of $10,000.00

Motion: To Approve

Committee of the Whole - Discussion

  • Discuss Ordinance amending Chapter 110 of the Coded Ordinances of the City of Fulton Entitle D Business Licensing and Regulation to Add Additional Section 110.16 thereto entitled “Mobile Food Trucks”.

Council needs to review and decide the Fee, Hours, and Penalty (pages 21-28)

  • Add A 1 License back to Fulton Oil for new owner.

3.         Discuss the Tourism Director position. Dan and Wendy are interviewing applications.

            This is a hirable position from the City Administrator. FYI information for Council update.

4.         Mayor Wendy is requesting planter reimbursement. This was funded by the Chamber of Commerce in the past.

5.         Alderperson Terry Boonstra requesting monetary or gift to Industrial Arts Program for Santa house. Think of ideas.

6.         Hiring versus appointing positions – Chief of Police

7.         Business Registration- Who will administer the program? (pages 29-30)


8.         Committee Reports

  • Finance (page 31)
  • Personnel – Set date for creating ad.

            C.  Economic Development

            D.  Parks & Rec

            E.  Public Safety

            F.  Marina

            G.  Zoning

9.         Mayor’s Report - Oral

10.       Aldermen Report

11.       City Administrator’s Report (pages 32-34)

12.       Chief of Police Report (pages 35-42)

13.       Public Works Director Report

14.       Fulton Tourism Report

15.       Historical Society Report

16.       Adjourn