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City of Fulton Council Meeting Agenda, April 26, 2021



April 26, 2021

5:30 PM



1.         Call to order

2.         Roll Call

3.         Pledge of Allegiance

4.         Communication from Visitors

5.         Presentation to Outgoing Council Members (Mayor - Michael Ottens, 1st Ward Alderman - Eugene Field and 2nd Ward Alderman - Margaret Crosthwaite)

6.         Swearing in of New Council Members (Mayor - Wendy Ottens, 2nd Ward Alderman - Harley Hunt, 3rd Ward Alderman - Sue VanKampen and 4th Ward Alderman -  Paul Banker)

7.         Consent Agenda (All items in the consent agenda will be enacted by a single motion and roll call vote.  Any item may be removed upon request by the Mayor or any Alderman and considered individually after all other items of business on the consent agenda).  

  • Approve Council Meeting Minutes – April 12, 2021 (pages 1-3)
  • Approve Treasurer’s Report (pages 4-10)

8.         Rule on Items Removed from Consent Agenda

9.         Business

A.  Approve the FOP Contract

Motion:  Approve

B.  Approve the UTV Ordinance (pages 11-23)

Motion:  Approve

C.  Approve Resolution to allow the new Mayor - Wendy Ottens, City Administrator - Dan Clark, Alderman - Sue VanKampen and Treasurer - Amanda Fosdick to be designated check signors for the City’s bank accounts.

Motion:  Approve

D.  Approve the “Rorrie’s Memorial 5K Run/Walk. The Run/Walk is planned for June 12, 2021 at 10:30 am, and will start at Fulton Corporation riverfront path and continue on the path by the marina, continuing on the bike path to the south bridge and turning at a 1.5 mile marker, then turn and go back the same way. A memorial bench will be dedicated by the family on the same day after the 5K. (page 24)

Motion:  Approve

E.  Approve an Ordinance to amend the date and time of the Regular Meetings of the City Council (pages 25-26)

Motion:  Approve

F.  Approve to amend the Ordinance to allow lots under 5 acres the ability to be subdivided in designated zoning (pages 27-28)

Motion:  Approve

G.  Approve the following Appointments for the City of Fulton, fiscal year 2021 – 2022.  

City Attorney – Bill Shirk

Public Health Official – Dr. Stephen Harrison

Zoning Officer – Dale Sikkema

Deputy Clerk/City Collector – Tammy Garibay

Motion:  Approve

H.  Approve to amend Ordinance #1574 to change the Public Works position from  appointed to “hired” . (page 29)

Motion:  Approve

10.       Closed Session to Discuss Personnel and Property

11.       Adjourn to the Committee of the Whole

12.       Adjourn




April 26, 2021


1.         Public Input and Presentations

a.  Yearly Goal - “Positivity and Productivity.” We are a Team, We are United! We will put our best efforts out there to ensure that our community is viable and vibrant. We will be “Positive”… looking to the future for growth and opportunities in making our community a better place to raise our families. We will be “Productive”…working together as a council and staff , voicing our opinions and ideas, but also listening and respecting one another as a council member or employee. We will spend within our means, and look for better and additional ways to bring in revenues to support future projects for the growth of our City.

b.   8th Street Project Update

c.   Fees for Annexation (Darren Foster and Nick Heid)

d.   Tourism Director/Social Media Director

e.   Committee Appointments (accepting volunteers)

f.   Storage Units – Industrial Areas within the City of Fulton (continued discussion)


2.         Committee Chair Reports

a.   Budget Committee

b.   Public Property Committee

c.   Public Safety Committ

d.   Parks & Recreation Committee

e.   Marina Committee

f.   Zoning Committee

g.   Economic Development Committee

3.         Mayor’s Report (pages 1-3)

4.         City Administrator’s Report (page 4)

5.         Aldermen Reports

6.         Public Works Director Report – verbal

7.         Chief of Police Report – Nick Neblung (page 5)   

8.         Historical Society (page 6)

9.         Adjourn