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City of Fulton Council Meeting Agenda, January 31, 2022



January 31, 2022

5:30 PM



1.         Call to order

2.         Roll Call

3.         Pledge of Allegiance

4.         Recognition of Volunteers

5.         Communication from Visitors (Any communication that is NOT on the agenda for consideration)

6.         Presentations   - Impact Program (EmmaLea Bittner)

7.         Approval of the January 8, 2022 Council Minutes (pages1-4)

8.         Approval of the December 2021, Treasurer’s Report (pages 5-11)

9.         Approval of the January, 2022 Bill List (pages 12-26A)

10.       Current Business – Items for Consideration (Discussion) or (Action)

            A. Approve License Agreement and Coop Agreement with Surf Air Wireless, LLC, and to give City Administrator Clark the authority to agree     on “The Right of Way Terms.” (pages 27-28)

 Motion: To Approve

            B. Approve Resolution of Support for Robert Eagle (Abbott-Eagle Addition) of        which lie within the corporate limits of one and one-half miles of the City of Fulton, IL. (page 29)

 Motion: To Approve           

            C. Approve funding for Downtown Revitalization Engineering. (89.5 hours at the     cost of $10,675.55) These funds will include cost estimates, downtown street    improvement plans, grant application, grant narratives and grant exhibits, and will also include the administration of grant itself. Total amount of the grant application will be in the amount of $3 million dollars. Fund 65 will support the plan.

Motion: To Approve

            D. Approve Resolution of Support for the IDOT, ADA Sidewalk Project on 14th Avenue (pages 30-31)

Motion: To Approve

            E. Discuss moving forward on Council salaries. Discuss salaries for the upcoming fiscal year and preparing a revised ordinance. (wages for one meeting, second meeting, and committee meetings)

Motion: To Approve

            F. Discuss moving forward with the American Rescue Plan bonus.

 Motion: To Approve

            G. Discuss moving forward with eliminating the ball diamonds at Kiwanis Park and adding one diamond for replacement at Drives Park. At the last Kiwanis Meeting, there was a unanimous consensus that the current park location should be moved to a more convenient location, (Drive’s Park Athletic Field) where it would be more utilized.       

Motion: To Approve

11.       Reports

            A. Finance

            B. Economic Development (page 32)

            C. Parks & Rec

            D. Public Safety

            E. Marina

            F. Zoning

12.       Mayor’s Report

13.       Aldermen Report

14.       City Administrator’s Report (page 33)

15.       Chief of Police Report – Nick Neblung (pages 34-85)

16.       Public Works Director Report – Eric Sikkema (page 86)

17.       Fulton Historical Society Report – (page 87)

18.       Adjourn to Closed session to discuss personnel

19.       Adjourn Regular Meeting