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City of Fulton Council Meeting Agenda, July 26, 2021



July 26, 2021

5:30 PM

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1.         Call to order

2.         Roll Call

3.         Pledge of Allegiance

4.         Recognition of Volunteers – Fulton EMS Crew

5.         Communication from Visitors

6.         Presentations

  • Gary Camarano – Whiteside County Economic Development Director – Enterprise Zone Update

7.         Approval of the Council Meeting Minutes, June 28, 2021 (pages 1-4)

8.         Approval of the May Treasurer’s Report (pages 5-11)

9.         Approval of the July 2021 Bill List (pages 12-24)

10.       Business – Items for Consideration or Action

A. Approve Sunvest Solar Contract – Bill French (Questions and Discussion)

pages 25-31)

Motion:  To Approve

B.  Ordinance Authorizing a Variance of Certain Property Within the City of Fulton Pursuant to the Revised Zoning Ordinance of the City of Fulton (Justin and Skylar Petersen – 1018 12th Ave) (pages 32-34)

Motion: To Approve

C.  Resolution to Waive Subdivision Requirements of Chapter 154 Pursuant to the Authority Granted the City council Under Section 154.006(C)  - D. Olsen Property  (pages 35-37)

Motion: To Approve

D.  Solicitation Within the City – Discussion and approval to change the ordinance   to limit solicitors within the City limits to just local Organizations, Churches and Schools – no businesses - on a case by case approval. City Administrator would have the authority to approve or disapprove.

Motion:  To Approve

E.  Recommendation and Appointment of Deputy Clerk and City Collector, Tammy Garibay (pages 38-39)

Motion: To Approve

F.  Motion for the City of Fulton to support moving forward with the new Rural 4 Concept and the Highway 30 Project  (page 40)

Motion:  To Approve

G.  Approval for Mayor Wendy and Alderman Sue VanKampen to attend the Highway 30 Meeting in Washington, D.C. the last week of September 2021. Meeting will be informative and show legislature that we as the City of Fulton support the future of the project. Approximate cost for air fare and lodging will be $1500.00.

Motion: To Approve

H.  Approval of Funding for Engineering Estimates for Downtown Revitalization Project (streetscape, roads, infrastructure)

I.  Approve Wall Repair bid from B&B Masonry at the Martin House Museum (Invoice is to be paid by the Fulton Historical Society Funds) (pages 41-42)   

Motion: To Approve

J.  Zoning – Change to Sec. 155-120 –commercial storage units. Four options on the table.  (revision to July 22, 2021 agenda)(End of Packet)

Motion: To Approve 

11.       Reports

            A.  Finance - Update

            B.  Economic Development – Update (page 43)

            C.  Parks & Rec (10th Ave Park Update)

            D.  Public Safety

            E.  Marina

            F.  Zoning – Dale Sikkema

12.       Mayor’s Report

13.       Aldermen’s Report

14.       City Administrator’s Report/Public Works – Dan Clark - 8th Street Update and         Report (pages 44-46)

15.       Chief of Police Report – Nick Neblung (pages 47-54)


17.       Adjourn to Closed Session

18.       Closed Session to Discuss Personnel and Property

19.       Return to Regular Meeting

20.       Recommendation and Appointment of Dan Clark to the position of City         Administrator

            Motion:  To Approve

21.       Adjourn