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Committee of the Whole Agenda - September 9, 2019

September 9, 2019

1. Committee of the Whole Synopsis (pages 1-3)

2. Public Input & Presentations

A. Recommendation to Purchase Different Wheelchair Swing for School Park (pages 4-5)
B. Request from Public Works to move $10,000 from Marina Reserves for dredging (pages 6-11)
C. Adopt An Ordinance Amending The Code of The City Of Fulton By The Addition Of Chapter 119 In Title Xi Imposing A Municipal Cannabis Retailers' Occupational Tax (pages 12-14)
D. Review changes to the Illinois Raffle Act (pages 15-16)
E. Financial Report from Andresen Center (pages 17-19)
F. Staff Proposal for New Special Events Form (pages 20-25)
G. Summary of 2019 Street Improvement Plan (pages 26-27)
H. Approval to sell mail post at corner by Brunch House
I. Update from School Park Ad Hoc Committee
J. Presentation from Fulton PD – “Department Staffing Analysis” (pages 28-52)

3. Committee Chair Reports

a. Budget/Finance Committee – next meeting September

b. Public Property Committee – no meeting scheduled

c. Public Safety – no meeting minutes

d. Parks and Recreation – no meeting minutes

e. Marina – no meeting scheduled

f. Zoning – no meeting scheduled

g. Economic Development – no meeting scheduled

4. Mayor’s Report

5. City Administrator’s Report (pages 53-55)

6. Aldermen Reports

7. Public Works Director – Dan Clark (page 56)

8. Police Chief – Dave Bartels (pages 57-60)

9. Tourism Coordinator – Debi Ervin (page 61-62)

10. Adjourn to Council Meeting