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City Council Agenda December 21, 2015

Regular City Council Meeting
December 21, 2015
5:30 PM

1. Call to order

2. Roll call

3. Pledge of allegiance

4. Communication from visitors

5. Approve December 7, 2015 Regular Council Meeting minutes (pages 1-3)

6. Approve Bill List (located at end of packet)

7. Approve Treasurer’s Report (pages 4-12)

8. Items for Consideration

A. 2015 Property Tax Levy and Bond Abatement Ordinances (pages 13-29)

Summary: The 2015 property tax levy is $495,467. This is a 5% increase over 2014. Additionally two ordinances abating $355,158 in debt service obligation on three (3) General Obligation Bonds (Series 2012A, 2012B, and 2012C) are also being presented to the Council for consideration. The abatement ordinances must be filed with the County Clerk and notifies the County Clerk not to levy taxes for these debt payments.

Action: Approve 2015 Tax Levy Ordinance and Bond Abatement Ordinances

B. Street Vacation Request (pages 30-31)

Summary: Timken requests the city vacate the eastern 100 feet of the 800 block of 18th Avenue.

Action: Discussion

C. Municipal Accounting and Utility Billing Software Replacement Request for Proposals
(pages 32-48)

Summary: RFP to solicit proposals to replace the city accounting software.

Action: Approve RFP

D. Staff Christmas Bonus

Summary: A Christmas bonus of $200 for Fulton full-time and $100 for part-time employees is recommended. The Christmas bonus is a practice dating back to 2003.

Action: Approve bonus.

E. Fulton Liquor Licenses

Summary: Request to increase number of available licenses

Action: Discussion

F. Self-Storage Facilities

Summary: Request for additional self-storage buildings

Action: Discussion

9. Old Business

10. Reports
Administrator (page 49-52)
Police Chief (page 53)
Aldermen Report

11. Adjourn