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City Council Agenda June 15, 2015


Regular City Council Meeting

June 15, 2015

5:30 PM

1. Call to order

2. Roll call

3. Pledge of allegiance

4. Communication from visitors

5. Approve June 1, 2015 Regular Council Meeting minutes (pages 1-3)

6. Approve Bill List (End of Packet)

7. Approve Treasurer’s Report (pages 4-11)

8. Open Public Hearing (pages 12-14)

Summary: This public hearing is to allow interested parties an opportunity to express their views on the proposed federal funded CDAP Grant project. Up to $450,000 in grant funds will be used for a sanitary sewer lining project in targeted areas of the city. The lining project is part of the Fulton Capital Improvement Plan, and matching funds will come from 2012C Bond proceeds backed by the ¾% non-home rule sales tax.

9. Close Public Hearing

10. Items for Consideration

A. Lease Agreement (pages 15-16)

Summary: M&J Painting is painting the north bridge and needs access to the area under the eastern approach to the bridge for storing equipment used during the project. The access includes traveling approximately 550’ along the bike path. M&J are also parking their vehicles overnight at the Water Treatment Facility. This lease allows access to these areas and stipulates that they will be responsible for restoring the grassy areas and bike path to original condition should they be damaged.

Action: Approve Lease

B. Andresen Nature Center Sign and Memorial plaque (pages 17-19)

Summary: There is an Eagle Scout project proposal to 1) install a frontage sign, 2) install the memorial plaque, and 3) to plant barrier trees along the cemetery property line at the Andresen Center.

Action: Approve project

C. Prevailing Wage Ordinance (pages 20-31)

Summary: Each year Fulton must pass a prevailing wage ordinance for laborers, mechanics, and other workers working on construction of public works for the City of Fulton. This ordinance adopts the Whiteside County prevailing wage guidelines for the City of Fulton.

Action: Approve Ordinance

D. Resolution of Support and Commitment of Local Funds (pages 32)

Summary: This resolution pledges Fulton’s support and commitment to use funds from the Capital Improvement Fund in conjunction with an Illinois CDAP grant for a municipal sewer lining project. Included are engineer’s estimates, timelines, and estimated project budget.

Action: Approve resolution

9. Old Business (Notice of Public Hearing to be held by Zoning Board of Appeals…..pages 33-34)

10. Reports


Administrator - (page 35)

Public Works Report (page 36-37)

Police Report (page 38)

Aldermen Reports

11. Closed Session to discuss Labor Negotiations

12. Return to Open Session

13. Vote on Fulton FOP labor Contract

14. Adjourn