De Immigrant Windmill

City Council Agenda June 20, 2016

June 20, 2016
5:30 PM

1. Call to order

2. Roll call

3. Pledge of allegiance

4. Communication from visitors

5. Consent Agenda (All items in the consent agenda will be enacted by a single motion and roll call vote. Any item may be removed upon request by the Mayor or any Alderman and considered individually after all other items of business on the consent agenda).

A. Approve June 6, 2016 City Council Meeting Minutes (pages 3 – 5)
B. Approve Treasurer’s Report (pages 6 – 13)
C. Approve Bill List (back of packet)

Action: Motion to approve Consent Agenda

6. Rule on Items Removed from Consent Agenda

7. Unfinished Business

A. Drives Building Roof (pages 14 - 16)
B. Dangerous Building (page 17)
C. Heritage Residential bid (pages 18 - 19)
D. Amman Agreement (pages 20 - 24)

Summary: Specifies terms and scope of work under which Amman may connect a private storm water drain to the City of Fulton Storm Water sewer system. Waive requirement for Amman to reimburse City of Fulton $1,739.85 in engineering fees relating to the project.

8. New Business

A. Miscellaneous Street Patching (pages 25 – 26)

Summary: Recommended FY2017 street patching projects

B. Geertz Annexation (pages 27 – 38)

Summary: First Reading

C. Windmill Donation Agreement (pages 39 – 42)

Summary: Hank and June Hielema wish to donate an additional 13 historic replica windmills to the City of Fulton for display in the Windmill Cultural Center.

D. Budget amendment for Rte. 84 water main loop grant expenditures

Summary: Amends FY2017 municipal budget to allocate $6,335.00 from Fund 58, W&S Capital Projects Reserves for grant writing and engineering costs. Current reserve balance $138,480.71.

9. Reports

Mayor (pages 43 - 44)
Administrator Report (pages 45 - 47)
Police Report (pages 48 – 49)
Tourism Report (pages 50 – 54)
Aldermen Reports
Committee Reports

10. Adjourn