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City Council Agenda March 2, 2015

Call to order

2.    Roll call

3.    Pledge of allegiance

4.    Communication from visitors

5.    Approve February 23, 2015 Regular Council Meeting minutes (pages 1-4)

6.    Items for Consideration

A.    Vision 2020 Presentation by Clinton Regional Development Corporation


B.    License to Use Space in a City Building and Adjacent Land – Marina Lease (pages 5-14)


  • Summary:  Doug Stoltenberg, owner of Doug’s Mobil Service, LLC, wishes to lease the boat repair facility and surrounding land at the Fulton Marina to operate a boat repair, boat sales, winter boat storage, and boat maintenance business.  Mr. Stoltenberg wishes to move in by March 15th.
  • Action:          Approve License


C.    Resolution Accepting Change in Zoning within One and One Half (1 ½) Miles of the Corporate Limits on the City of Fulton, and Resolution to Accept the Final Plat of Westcott Addition to Garden Plain Township, Whiteside County, Illinois (pages 15-17)


  • Summary:  On February 23rd, 2015 the Fulton City Council approved the Westcott rezoning request.  These resolutions serve to inform the Whiteside County Board of Fulton’s acceptance of the change in zoning and approval of the final plat.  Whiteside County will rule on the rezoning request on March 17th.
  • Action:          Approve resolutions


D.    Option to Purchase Real Estate - Zajicek Development (pages 18-26)


  • Summary:   Mr. Zajicek has failed to complete an incubator building as defined in the November 4th 2013 Development Agreement.  On February 2th, 2015 the City Council rejected proposed modifications to the development agreement.  Fulton’s next step is to exercise the repurchase option spelled out in November 4, 2013 Option to Purchase Real Estate between Mr. Zajicek and the City of Fulton.  Mr. Zajicek has contacted the city through his attorney requesting a closing date on or before April 30, 2015.
  • Action:          Exercise the purchase option.

E.  Budget Workshops

  • Summary:  The City Administrator is recommending budget workshops for every Saturday in March at 8:00 AM.  Each workshop will address a specific topic, including Revenues, Expenditures, Debt, and Capital Projects.
  • Action:  Approve March budget workshop schedule

Old Business

7.    Reports

  • Mayor (page 27)

8.    Closed Session to discuss personnel

9.    Return to Open Session

10.  Budget Workshop

11.  Adjourn