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City Council Agenda May 18, 2015

Regular City Council Meeting
May 18, 2015
5:30 PM

1. Call to order

2. Roll call

3. Pledge of allegiance

4. Communication from visitors

5. Approve April 6, 2015 Regular Council Meeting minutes (pages 1-3)

6. Approve Bill List (End of Packet)

7. Approve Treasurer’s Report (pages 4-10)

8. Items for Consideration

A. Proclamation (page 11)

B. Street Closure Request for June 11 Summer Nights Event (page 12)

  • Summary: The Fulton Chamber is requesting closure of all streets west of 2nd Street between 9th and 11th Avenues between the house of 5:00 PM and 9:00 PM.
  • Action: Approve Closure Request

9. Old Business

A. Ordinance 1524 to Amend Chapter 111 Entitled Alcoholic Beverages (pages 13-14)

  • Summary: Second reading of ordinance that would allow the sale, possession, and consumption of alcoholic beverages on public property during sanctioned and approved public events. The ordinance also stipulates the City Council shall establish rules and regulations as well as an application and license fee.
  • Action: Approve Ordinance

B. Rules for sales, possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages during city-sanctioned public events (page 15)

  • Summary: Staff recommends the attached list of rules and regulations. The proposed rules will apply to any special event that allows the sale, possession, and consumption of alcoholic beverages in public areas. Staff is also preparing an application form and a release and indemnification waiver.
  • Action: Discussion only

10. Reports

  • Mayor - (pages 16-21)
  • Administrator - (pages 22-26)
  • Police Report – (page 27)
  • Aldermen Reports
  • Martin House Report - (page 28)

11. Adjourn