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City Council Budget Workshop Minutes March 14, 2015

March 14, 2015

City of Fulton
Budget Workshop minutes
Call to order, 8:00a roll call, H.VanZuiden, M, VanZuiden, Letcher, Russell, Nederhoff, Field, Mask, present, VanKampen and Crosthwaite absent. Also in attendance, Dan Clark Director of Public Works, Jim Rhoades Police Chief, Melissa Wiebenga Tourism/Community Services Director.

Cannon presented 2016 budget options, one would be to use reserves to pay 2012c bonds, talked about budget shortfalls. Costs of vision 2020 to CRDC. Cannon went over general fund revenues and where they come from stating property taxes are the general funds number one revenue source. Field asked about TORT insurance, an explanation followed, Mask inquired about the municipal utility tax, Cannon explained the revenues would generate enough to cover shortfall, Letcher asked for an example to understand the impact to a typical household.
Cannon presented revenue options, discussion followed. Sales tax revenues are not keeping up with the bond debt service, a 1/4 % increase would cover these costs. Too late to put on ballot for next election but Nederhoff explained the need for these revenues and we should get the information out to the residents and let them decide. Mask inquired about changing from a non home rule to a home rule, there are definite advantages but it would require a referendum. Mask was in support of the video gaming to remain in parks. Cannon reported fee structures are being reviewed by staff.
Cannon covered available properties the City has available. Mask inquired about placing Heritage addition on our website. Melissa said she could add to website as soon as she receives information from Cannon.
M VanZuiden asked about the cost to the City from our attractions, Cannon explained each attraction is different, individual agreements are a possibility. A discussion on the Andreson agreement followed.
Cannon asked council what options they would like him to present, discussion followed and Cannon would put some together for their review.
M. Vanzuiden said counting on revenues from property is risky. Russell suggested Cannon show residents what cuts have been done so far for the upcoming budget to save money.
Motion to adjourn, all yes.