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City Council Committee of the Whole Meeting Minutes, August 7, 2017

City of Fulton
Committee of the Whole
August 7, 2017


1. Elsie Foster was present to express the need for a community center. There are currently a variety of activities going on at the RFCC. Elsie has many signatures on a petition to keep the RFCC open. Mention to move the community center to Awesometown what would be needed to operate from that location, Elsie said the location must be handicap accessible and the kitchen must pass inspection.
2. Tourism Committee Presentation- New member to the committee is Judy Holesinger and she handed out a green sheet highlighting they believe a Tourism Director would need to do, skills necessary. Director of the Andresen Nature Center Kyle Koph was present to give an update on the current status of the nature center. He expressed a need for the Tourism Director spot to be filled in order for the nature center to grow as well as the rest of the sites in Fulton. Jane Luker also agrees Fulton needs to replace the Tourism Director to help promote Fulton, advertise, update website, greet visitors, etc. Tyler Klbparski manager of the AmericInn Hotel in Fulton was present expressing how Regina was able to send visitors to the Hotel in town filling up rooms, would like to continue to stay busy from tourism in town. Brian Tomman said Heritage Canyon needs a lot of work in order to be open again An event with the Early American Crafters may have to be canceled if the Canyon is not cleaned up in time.
3. Committee Chair Reports
a. Budget Committee had a productive meeting, talked about giving employees the option for direct deposit. The council must know they cannot force direct deposit.
b. Public Property Committee- Mayor Ottens suggested selling empty lots the city is mowing, will look at specific lots at the next council meeting. Chuck Dykstra is asking to connect to the City’s I-fiber Wi-Fi Services. The cost is $25 a month but in order to get connected an up front cost of $2000. The City is not willing to pay the up front costs but will allow the township to pay it and connect to the Wi-Fi. Awesometown Special Use Permit will be discussed at the next council meeting. Must approve paying Hoerr Construction for the sewer lining projects, documents must first be sent to the state for review.
c. Public Safety- Street Closure request by First Reformed Church has been reviewed by the Chief of Police. Police Chief Rhoades is requesting to go Travel/Training Conference; he has included the necessary form for the request and has been asked to report back to the council regarding the training. There is a possibility someone may be interested in renting the Golden Wok building if they are able to have a drive thru window. Chuck Dykstra is asking the city to change the alley to a one way in order to get another business in the downtown area.
d. Parks & Recreation- N/A
e. Marina- N/A
f. Zoning- Dale Sikkema made it known to the council there are currently only 4 members on the Zoning Board, need to get three people elected to fill positions.
g. Economic Development- Mayor still working on appointments
4. Laptop Computers for City Clerk and City Treasurer- After much discussion the council decided to purchase the laptops from After Hours computers with I 5 processors with the 3-year warranty, which is included. We will have Rob from CDG load Microsoft Office onto the computers, as it is cheaper with government pricing.
5. Interim City Administrator Report- Need to look at staffing in the Public Works department, thinking they need to hire another employee in the near future.
6. Mayor’s Report- Drive’s Building demo would cost $350,000 plus another $100-150,000 to remove any asbestos from the building. In order to make the Drive’s building work the City needs to see a business plan and the yearly costs going forward. In order to make a decision the council needs some answers. RFCC to be discussed in closed session. Meeting time will not change. Historical Society discussion as to why the city has not been receiving the monthly reports, will be asked to start receiving those again.
7. Alderman-no reports
8. Police Chief Report- no report
9. Ald. King motioned, seconded by Ald. Field to enter closed session to discuss personnel and properties. Roll call vote (7 yes, 1 absent) The council entered closed session at 7:55 PM.
10. Ald. VanKampen motioned, seconded by Ald. Field to exit closed session at 8:24 PM. Roll call vote (7 yes, 1 absent).
11. Ald. King motioned, seconded by Ald. Crosthwaite to adjourn. With voice agreement the meeting adjourned at 8:27 PM.

Lindsey Renkes
Fulton City Clerk