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City Council Meeting Minutes August 1, 2016

City of Fulton
Regular Council Meeting Minutes
August 1, 2016

Mayor Russell called the meeting to order at 5:30 and directed the city clerk to call the roll. On roll call Ald. Barb Mask, Gene field, Dan Nederhoff, Margaret Crosthwaite, Sue Vankampen, Mike VanZuiden, and Howard VanZuiden answered “present.” Ald. Wes Letcher was “absent”. Also in attendance were, Ed Cannon (City Administrator), Bill Shirk (City Attorney), Dan Clark (Public Works Director), Regina Lehman (Tourism Director), and Jim Rhoades (Chief of Police).

The pledge of allegiance was recited. Pastor Royann Matthews gave the invocation.

During the communications from visitors Deb Schaver from Wilson’s floral was present to let the council know that a group had volunteered to weed, mow, and clean up the corner of 4th Street and 10th Avenue to get it ready for the American Queen. She also shared her displeasure with the yards/properties at 1504 and 1516 4th Street that are visible to everyone entering the city limits. She asked the council to contact the owners of these properties and let them know that they need to clean them up. Deb also said that sidewalks on 4th St and 10th Ave need to be repaired. She also said that business owners need to be reminded that downtown parking should be reserved for customers and not for owners. Kathy Kuebel was present to ask the council permission to have a block party on Saturday, August 6 and that the rain date would be Sunday, August 7. She provided a map showing what area she wanted to block and discussed the time of her event. Ed Cannon reviewed the map and said that as long as two staff members agreed to the terms, the block party could be held. Other visitors at the meeting included Jill Nederhoff.
Mayor Russell asked if there were any questions regarding the items listed on the consent agenda. Ald. Mask asked why the ordinance regarding accessory buildings and the materials used in constructing them was not on the agenda for council to vote on. Without any further discussion, Ald. Nederhoff motioned, seconded by Ald. Mask to approve the consent agenda. Roll call vote (7 yes, 1 absent)

Unfinished business:

Building permit fees were presented by Admin. Cannon and he explained that the recommended fee schedule was designed to cover costs associated with time spent on these types of projects and that a comparison of fees charged by other local communities was factored in to the recommendation. Ald. Mask expressed that as a city we need to nurture and encourage residents to fix up properties, especially fences. Ald. M. Vanzuiden asked why the proposed fee schedule shows that a projects with a value of less $300,000 would be charged less than what the current schedule shows. Admin. Cannon explained that the proposed scheduled would in fact charge more to projects over $300,000. Ald. Van Kampen asked specifically if a new permit was required if a resident wanted to repair an existing structure. After council members discussed this, it was determined that all projects, including repairs, would need to be evaluated to determine if a new permit was required. Ald. Crosthwaite motioned, seconded by Ald. Nederhoff to accept the recommended fee schedule for permits and petitions to Fulton Zoning Board of Appeals. (5 yes, 2 no, 1 absent)

Admin. Cannon provided an update for the Attorney General $250,000 Foreclosure Settlement that the Rock Island GROWTH used to rehabilitate 4 homes in Fulton. Cannon stated that approximately 400k for these 4 homes and that approximately 320k was used for renovations and 80k went to developer fees. Profits from these homes will be used by R.I. GROWTH to rehab more homes. This is a win-win because 4 houses were improved within the city limits with no cost to the city.
An update on MAPPING was placed on the agenda and Ald. Mask stated that is the only strategic plan that the city currently has in place. She reported that she is going to get all of the goal groups back together in September and that this is essential to growing community leaders and volunteers in Fulton. Mayor Russell stated that the MAPPING project is a grass-roots, bottom-up strategic plan that may require some top-down help to get it moving again.

New business:

A resolution to borrow $24,477 from Albany First Trust and Savings to purchase a 2016 Dodge Charger Police Cruiser was discussed. Clarification was added by Chief Rhoades that these funds would be to purchase the vehicle and that decals and lights would be coming out of a separate budget line item. Ald. Nederhoff motioned, seconded by Ald. M. VanZuiden to approve purchase of 2016 Dodge Charger. (7 yes, 1 absent)

Council discussed waiving the bid requirement for the sewer lining project engineered by Willett Hoffmann outlined in the council agenda packet on pages 8-18. The original estimated cost for the project was 70k and the bid came in at $47,200. Ald. M. VanZuiden motioned, seconded by Crosthwaite to waive the bid requirement and to accept the $47,200 bid for engineering services. (7 yes, 1 absent)


Mayor Russell briefly discussed points that he felt would determine whether or not Exelon would be closing in 2 years. He stated that the American Queen Visit was good and that the Drives building was being used. He said he would be in touch with Aldermen about committee appointments.
Admin. Cannon included his written report.

Ald. Crosthwaite reported that she had attended the Andresen Nature Center monthly meeting in July and that there were some questions regarding the circle drive. She asked Dan Clark, Public Works Director, if the money budgeted in the ’16-’17 budget would include both rock and asphalt. He said that $6,500 was budgeted for the project and that even though it will not get done before the end of the ’17 budget year that the money has been set aside for the entire project. He also stated that he had visited with Kyle Kopf about the drive and that it was decided that 5 additional feet would be added. Ald. H. VanZuiden voiced his concern about water running off this new circle drive and crossing the road into the home adjacent the canyon. Dan Clark did not feel that this was a city issue and that the owner of that property needed to “shave off” some of his property to allow the water to flow downhill instead of pooling in his driveway. This discussion led the council to talk about the recent storm water issues and being clear on when the city steps in and manages storm water. Ald. M. VanZuiden said that he wanted to review an agreement made with (Mike & Bonnie) McClary about washout issues on their property. This has been an ongoing issue that has been brought to his attention and he does not know how to address it.

Ald. Ald. H. VanZuiden, Ald. Field to enter closed session to discuss Personnel and Setting the Price for Sale or Lease of City-owned Property. Roll call vote (7 yes, 1 absent) The council entered closed session at 6:36 PM.

With no further business, Ald. Nederhoff motioned, seconded by Ald. Crosthwaite to adjourn. With voice agreement the council exited closed session at 7:15 pm.

Minutes recorded by,
Regina Lehman