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City Council Meeting Minutes February 1, 2016

City of Fulton
Regular Council Meeting Minutes
February 1, 2016

Ald. H. VanZuiden called the meeting to order at 5:30 PM and directed the city clerk to call the roll. On roll call Ald. Barbara Mask, Gene Field, Dan Nederhoff, Margaret Crosthwaite, Sue VanKampen, Mike VanZuiden and Howard VanZuiden answered “present.” Also in attendance were Ed Cannon (City Administrator), Bill Shirk (City Attorney), Regina Lehman (Tourism & Community Services Director), Dan Clark (Public Works Director), James Rhoades (Chief of Police), and Clink Kettler (Zoning Officer).

The pledge of allegiance was recited. Pastor Kevin Verhoeven gave the invocation.

During the communication from visitors Ald. H. VanZuiden verified all present were here regarding matters on the agenda. Wes Letcher was present to accept the Third Ward Alderman Appointment. Julie Lonergan with Park Vista Senior Housing Management was present to discuss developing an assisted living facility in Fulton. Jeff DenBesten and Richard Farwell were present to help give an update from the Drives Exploratory Committee.

First, Ald. H. VanZuiden asked if there were any questions regarding the items on the consent agenda. Items included on the consent agenda; approve the meeting minutes from January 18, 2016 and appoint Wes Letcher as the new Third Ward Alderman. Ald. Mask asked to make one correction to the meeting minutes on page 2 paragraph 4 she asked how much it cost to improve 9th Street not 10th Ave. Public Works Director Clark estimated the cost for that improvement to be $40,000. With no further questions or concerns Ald. M. VanZuiden motioned, seconded by Ald. Mask to approve the items listed on the consent agenda. Roll call vote (7 yes).

Second, Julie Lonergan gave a presentation on the proposal to develop a 40-45 unit assisted living facility in Fulton. Julie is experienced when it comes to this type of facility, she owns one and operates a few other senior housing facilities. These facilities offer dining, healthcare, activities and much more. The next step in the process would be to get a contractor, address the city administration and get community input. Ald. H. VanZuiden asked, “What the time frame is on building this facility?” If everything goes as planned there should be a shovel in the ground this fall, taking 10-12 months to build the facility. Ald. Mask knows the city could use an assisted living facility in town and expressed the need for this type of facility in our community. Ald. M. VanZuiden asked, “When there would be town hall meetings?” It was expressed the meeting should happen in the spring long before putting a shovel in the ground.

Third, Ald. Mask, Ald. VanKampen, Richard Farwell and Jane Luker (not present due to back surgery) gave a presentation on the update from the Drives Exploratory Committee. It was expressed there are two different option to keep the building. The first option is the endowment fund at 707 10th Ave, the Martin House. Martin House would go to the Presbyterian Church so they can decide what they would like to do with it. The Martin House endowment is currently $300,000 and would look to raise the endowment to $500,000 over five years. The second option would be renovations and utilization of the building. Currently already have one grant in the amount of $100,000 and there are 13 more possible grants to apply for. Would also depend on private/local donations and rental income. This option was compared to the Eagle Point Renovation. With the development of the Drives building, it will be used as a museum, reception hall, small shops, snack bar and business rental. Richard Farwell feels the city should never sell the Drives building property. Mr. Farwell says, “The building is a benefit to the community, has a beautiful view and would make an ideal reception hall.” Jeff DenBesten explained the structure/shape of the building is sound. Jeff knows a majority of the windows in the building have been replaced, the roof has been redone, there are 5 separate heating/air systems and the asbestos is fine as long as it is not disrupted. Ald. Mask explained that the needs and expectation will change and the renovations will happen in phases, which will help get pledges. Ald. M. VanZuiden does not believe we should ask for any of the proceeds from the Martin House if the church would choose to sell the property.

Old Business:
The city received a grant from the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity in the amount of $406,575. This grant will be used to improve the sanitary sewers in the Third Ward. It was also brought to attention the current situation with the Ammon’s; they are needing to get an engineering drawing. An engineering drawing will cost the Ammon’s approximately $3,500. The city is not able to do anything further until the drawing has been completed.

Mayor’s Report:
Mayor Russell included his written report.

Administrator’s Report:
Administrator Cannon included his written report.

Ald. Mask motioned, seconded by Ald. Crosthwaite to enter closed session to discuss collective bargaining, setting the price for municipally owned property, and personnel. Roll call vote (8 yes). The Council entered closed session at 6:48 PM.

Ald. Letcher motioned, seconded by Ald. VanKampen to exit closed session. Roll call vote (8 yes). The Council exited closed session at 7:31 PM.

With no further business, Ald. M. VanZuiden motioned, seconded by Ald. VanKampen to adjourn. With voice agreement the meeting adjourned at 7:32 PM.

Minutes recorded by,

Lindsey Renkes
Fulton City Clerk