De Immigrant Windmill

City Council Meeting Minutes - October 28, 2019

City of Fulton
Regular Council Meeting
October 28, 2019


Regular Meeting

Mayor Ottens called the meeting to order at 5:30 PM and directed the Deputy Clerk to call the roll.

On roll call, Aldermen – Keith King, Paul Banker, Barbara Mask, Sue VanKampen, Dan Nederhoff, Margaret Crosthwaite, Gene Field and Mike VanZuiden were present. Also in attendance were City Attorney Bill Shirk, City Administrator Randy Boonstra, Staff Members - Dan Clark, Dave Bartels, Dale Sikkema, and Debi Ervin. Media representatives were Daniel Nardini and John Rohlf.

Pledge of allegiance was recited - Invocation by Pastor Wayne Wiersema.


• CGH Representative, Shane Brown thanked the Council for the opportunity to reveal the new CGH “Primary Clinic” that will be opening sometime in December of this year. The location will be on the north side of Fulton Dental Associates, just off of Route 84 in Fulton.

Hours will be Monday through Friday, 8 am until 5 pm, and will feature a “Walk In” Clinic on Saturdays, 8 am until noon. Appointments during the week are scheduled - but be assured that they will leave time slots open within their schedules to see some same day patients.

The new clinic will have 5 exam rooms and a lab on site. X-rays will be referred to another facility.

The Clinic will be under the direction of Dr. Matt Wolf M.D., Lynne Coffey FNP, and Kimberly Teats-Garrison PA-C.

• Dennis Hinkle presented the Council with information of the CRDC Future Focus 2024 Campaign. The CRDC is funded every 5 years through a campaign. This is a typical method for raising funds through private, business, municipal and government sectors.

The two main objectives of CRDC is, “Taking Care of Current Businesses” that are members and “Promoting New Businesses”, by marketing land and available opportunities in the area.
Mr. Hinkle hopes that the City Council will continue to support the CRDC with an annual contribution. He looks forward working with City Administrator Boonstra, who currently sits on the CRDC Board.

Communication From Visitors

Visitors signed up for Public Comment included: Kyle Folk, Betty Wiebenga, Ted James, Kristin Huisenga, Darryl Hogue and Ernst Steele. (All concerning “Recreational Cannabis”).

Consent Agenda

Approve consent agenda; approve council meeting minutes from October 14th, October 24th and the September 2019 Treasurer’s Report. Alderman VanZuiden motioned, seconded by Alderman Mask. Discussion followed with Alderman Nederhoff wanting the council and public to view page 10 of the Treasurer’s report. He wanted to point out the comparison in the General Fund Account for the past several years. General Fund reserves are now less than half the amount that they were in 2016 and 2017. We need to be aware of this dilemma at budget time and come up with a solution. Roll call vote (8 yes).

Consent Agenda approved.


Approve Ordinance amending Chapter 155 by adding zoning provisions regarding Adult Use Cannabis by renaming part of the business District and outlying Business District. Alderman Crosthwaite motioned, seconded by Alderman Field. Discussion to follow…

Kyle Folk knows the Council is wrestling with a sound decision to allow for the sale of adult use cannabis, but askes that they keep 3 things in mind…the misuse of drugs, whether the user will become addicted and “Leadership”. If we allow this, it is a complete contradiction for what we tell our children. Drug prevalence leads to all kinds of problems in the community.

Betty Wiebenga said no to the use of medical cannabis 3 years ago and asked the council to hear the pleas from the young families that are behind this matter. Do we want “Money” vs “Family”? Vote no!

Ted James – removed his request for comment.

Kristin Huisenga asks to please “care” about the kids and our community. It takes a village to make a community. Put the best interest of us instead of money. If we allow this, more kids will use; prevent this before it starts. Please support the families and schools.

Darryl Hogue, Superintendent of Schools said it was the topic of discussion at the school’s most recent Board Meeting, which the Board is unanimous to a NO vote. You as the Council have an opportunity to put barriers in front of the Children, which should be the number one objective.

Ernst Steele, supports the sale of “Adult” Use Cannabis in the Fulton City Limits, stating this is an opportunity to bring revenue into the city without raising property taxes. For decades we have been a gateway with the surrounding state of Iowa - this will bring in extra needed dollars for the City. Mr. Steele stressed this is not the sale of cannabis to children and minors, it is the sale of recreational cannabis for “Adult” use only. Seems to him that it is pretty hypocritical that the City has numerous liquor and gaming licenses, which are also addictive, but will not consider the sale of cannabis. People are in fear of the “unknown” and seem to be over reacting.

With the no further comments from the public…the Mayor asked the Aldermen if they had any further questions. No Aldermen responded. Proceeds with a roll call vote to approve the ordinance (4 yes, 4 no…Mayor breaks tie with a NO vote) Motion Denied.

Motion to cancel the second Council Meeting in December which falls on Christmas Eve this year. Alderman Mask motioned, seconded by Alderman VanKampen. No discussion to follow. Roll call vote (8yes, 0 no) Motion Passed.

Motion to Amend Class C liquor license to match closing time with other licenses by repealing Section 111.9D. Alderman King motioned, seconded by Alderman Field. Brief discussion to follow. Alderman asked if this would allow Fulton Steak and Ribs extended hours. Attorney Shirk said it would allow them the same hours as other establishments with the same class of license. With no further questions – roll call vote (8 yes, 0 no) Motion passed.

Alderman Mask motioned, seconded by Alderman Crosthwaite to adjourn to the Committee of the Whole. Roll call vote (8 yes, 0 no). The council entered the Committee of the Whole at 6:07 pm.
Ald. Mask motioned, seconded by Ald. Crosthwaite to enter closed session to discuss personnel and sale/purchase of property. Roll call vote ( 8 yes, 0 no). The council entered closed session at 6:58 PM.

Exited Closed Session with a roll call vote (8 yes, 0 no). The council exited closed session at 7:05 PM.

With no further discussion, voice agreement to adjourn the council meeting was at 7:08 PM.


Committee of the Whole Meeting

1. Public Input & Presentations
a. Recognition of the Lukers and the Friends of the Windmill award will be postponed until the next scheduled Council meeting per Alderman Mask.
b. Curbside Garbage Pickup Proposal – Both owner and general manager from Moring Disposal, Larry and Steve Moring presented the Council and audience their proposal for the updated garbage pickup. Two 65 gallon totes would be provided to each resident. One for regular refuse with a one-time per week pickup and another tote for recycling, which would be picked up every other week, instead of the weekly pickup that we presently have. These totes would allow regular curbside pickup, not alley pickup which will result in less accidents, property damage and other weather related challenges due to the narrow allies. The cost will be approximately $15.50 per month. Yard waste services which are now handled by the city’s billing will be totally supplied by the Moring Company itself. The cost for the seasonal yard waste pickup will run a flat $55 per year and a third 65 gallon tote will be supplied for that. Moring will be working with City Administrator Boonstra in coming up with a solution for the extra yard waste pickup due to the fall foliage. This should be presented at the next meeting. Moring would like to see a 7 year contract with the City, with an option for 3 additional years. Moring currently has this program in many different cities and towns. It has worked very well for them, their employees and residents. The service results in less injuries to employees, less property damages, and general overall appearance when it comes to garbage day throughout the city. Totes will be replaced at no charge to customers if damaged by any means except negligence. If a citizen is absolutely unable to bring the refuse to the curb, due to health reasons, a simple telephone call to Moring or possibly City Hall can be made to arrange for some assistance with the totes. Additional discussion will continue at the next meeting with a possible vote by December.
c. Parks Committee request to fund lighting improvements at Pleasure Park. Alderman Mask said that the Committee was just looking into the light funding and have more research to do. Alderman VanZuiden stated that funding for lights was not in the current fiscal year budget and asked that it be brought up during the upcoming budget workshops for the new fiscal year.
d. Tourism request for $2500 for the 2019 Christmas Walk. Tourism Director Ervin along with Alderman VanKampen asked for funding for the Christmas Walk of $2500 from City Funds. City Administrator Boonstra said that there were Funds in the amount of $2050 left in the Tourism Department Budget under Equipment Rentals that could be used for the Festival, but the other $450 would have to be taken from the General Fund. Consensus of the council was to allow the $2050 to be used for the Christmas Walk.
e. Staffing Options for the Tourism Coordinator position discussed. City Administrator Boonstra asked the Council if they would prefer to wait until the budget workshops to discuss for next fiscal year or proceed with advertising for the position. Alderman Mask asked that they advertise and consensus from the remaining councilmen was the same. We will proceed with advertising for the position.
f. Proposed FY2020 Budget Calendar discussed….Council will proceed with the proposed schedule. November 16, 2019 (Strategic Planning), December 2019 (Staff will work on estimates for projects), January 13, 2020 (Staff presents cost estimates), and January 18, 2020 (1st Budget Workshop).
g. PW Replacement of 1 Ton Truck – after council packet presentation, Council agreed to have the purchase of the vehicle, in the amount of $80,000, to be voted on at the next Regular Meeting.

2. Committee Chair Reports
a. Budget/Finance – N/A
b. Public Property- N/A
c. Public Safety-N/A
d. Parks & Recreation- Discussion on possible “bring it back” building sponsorship of Heritage Canyon Buildings. This was previously done several years back and was successful from private citizens and business donations. Alderman VanKampen also announced an anonymous donor was going to sponsor some low maintenance landscaping at Heritage Canyon.
e. Marina- N/A
f. Zoning- N/A
g. Economic Development- N/A

3. Mayor’s Report

4. City Administrator’s Report- Addition to the included report, CA Boonstra also updated the Council on the new I.T. updates. After several bumps in the road due to the passing of our former I.T. Consultant, Ty Chuich, Platinum Company is starting to finish the conversion. Hopefully within the next month we should be up and running smoothly.

5. Aldermen Reports-N/A

6. Public Works Director – Update on the B.I.D. Letting for Park Drive and 1st Ave resulted in a very good bid from Civil Constructors, coming in at approximately $40,000 below the engineer’s estimates.

7. Police Chief - N/A

8. Tourism Coordinator – Debi is finishing up several projects. The display rack to be located at Lock and Dam 13 is nearly complete, she is working on finishing up the new Visitor Guides before her retirement along with the “My Bike Program.” She is also working diligently on the Christmas Walk and the Clinton Areal Chamber Guide.

9. Adjourn- Ald. Mask motioned, seconded by Ald. Crosthwaite to return to the regular council meeting. Roll call vote (8 yes, 0 No). The council returned to the regular meeting at 6:55 PM.


Respectfully Submitted
Tammy L Garibay
Deputy Clerk