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City Council Minutes August 3, 2015



AUGUST 3, 2015


Mayor Russell called the meeting to order at 5:30 PM and directed the city clerk to call the roll. On roll call Ald. Barbara Mask, Margaret Crosthwaite, Dan Nederhoff, Sue Van Kampen, Len Janis, Mike Van Zuiden, and Howard Van Zuiden answered “present.” Ald. Gene Field was absent. Also in attendance were Ed Cannon- City Administrator, Bill Shirk- City Attorney, Clink Kettler- Zoning Officer, James Rhoades- Chief of Police, and Regina Lehman- Tourism and Community Services Director.

The pledge of allegiance was recited. Youth Pastor John Kershner gave the invocation.

There was no communication from visitors.

Mayor Russell asked if there were any questions or comments on the last regular meeting minutes. With no further discussion Ald. Mask motioned, seconded by Ald. Howard Van Zuiden to approve the July 20, 2015 Regular Council Meeting minutes. Roll call vote/ 7 yes, 1 absent/ motion carried.

The first item for consideration was a resolution that declares the city-owned property located on 22nd Avenue in the Fulton Industrial Center (former Zajicek property) as “surplus” and allows the City to sell the parcel at terms determined by the City Council to be in the best interest of the city, but at no less than 80% of its appraised value. Ald. Mask motioned, seconded by Ald. Van Kampen to approve the Resolution Directing the Sale of Certain Real Estate. Roll call vote/ 7 yes, 1 absent/ motion carried.

Second, Administrator Cannon explained a resolution that allocates municipal funds for the 2016 CIP road repaving projects. He discussed the three bids received and stated that the lower bid was Civil Constructors. Ald. Mask motioned, seconded by Ald. Mike Van Zuiden to approve the Resolution for Maintenance of Streets and Highways. Roll call vote/ 7 yes, 1 absent/ motion carried.


Administrator Cannon started off by saying the City of Fulton is not ADA compliant on handicap parking spaces but that it’s okay since the city was grandfathered in after the new standards were set. However, if any changes are made to the downtown then the City will have to become ADA compliant. Administrator Cannon explained several diagrams that pictured one-way and two-way traffic scenarios and the amount of parking spaces available. Ald. Mike Van Zuiden said he is not in favor of one way traffic on 4th Street and that he has not heard any positive feedback about this idea from anyone. He also said he has had several phone calls from citizens in the 4th Ward expressing their displeasure with the concept. Ald. Mike Van Zuiden suggested they have a Public Hearing sooner rather than later because there could be a lot of wasted time and energy put into this project if ultimately the citizens are against it. However, Ald. Mike Van Zuiden did say he thinks the right thing to do would be to add the proper handicap parking spaces to be ADA compliant. Mayor Russell voiced his concern about including 3rd Street when discussing upgrades to Downtown Fulton. Ald. Mask handed out a news article from 1999 when the first one-way was converted to two way traffic. Fourth Street was one way (traveling north to south) from 1952 – 1999. Dick and Bea Farewell, Fulton residents who have lived at 900 N. 4th Street for the past 13 years, think the one-way will be a deterrent to visitors. Mrs. Farewell wanted to know where this idea came from and the why behind it. What is the real benefit of making the change? Ald. Mike Van Zuiden agreed that if this change won’t positively impact our local economy then why make the change. Ald. Howard Van Zuiden said instead of investing all this money on 4th Street why not try to develop and grow the East side of town on Hwy 84? Ald. Mask asked Chief Rhoades what he thought of the one-way from a safety perspective. Chief Rhoades pointed out some of his concerns. Mayor Russell thanked everyone for their input on this topic.


Mayor Russell included a written report. He briefly recapped the city audit and said overall our city is in good shape compared to other similar communities.


Administrator Cannon summarized his written report which included a recap of the city audit, fundraiser results for Trivia Night hosted by a Fulton Forward group, an economic development update, and the downtown banners are ready to be hung. Administrator Cannon also said he will be going to Dubuque a day to meet with their City Administrator to see how they were able to grow and develop their riverfront.


Ald. Mask announced that Monday approximately 400 people will be coming to the area from the American Queen. The Drives building has two rooms cleaned up for visitors where Dutch dancers will perform. She also said that Regina and April made goodie bags that have tourist information and coupons to our local businesses to hand out to all the visitors.

Dan Clark, PW Director included a written report which included a map for a bridge along the bike path just south of the Marina. Currently bikes are supposed to dismount from their bike and ride on the highway and then get back on the bike path. The bridge would be much safer for bikers and walkers.

With no further business, Ald. Mike Van Zuiden moved, seconded by Ald. Janis to adjourn. With voice agreement, the meeting adjourned at 6:36 PM.

Minutes recorded by,

Jackie Wilkin
Fulton City Clerk