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City Council Minutes February 2, 2015



February 2, 2015

Mayor Russell called the meeting to order at 5:30 PM and directed the city clerk to call the roll. On roll call Ald. Barb Mask, Gene Field, Margaret Crosthwaite, Sue Van Kampen, Wes Letcher, Mike Van Zuiden, and Howard Van Zuiden answered “present.” Ald. Dan Nederhoff was absent. Also in attendance were Ed Cannon- City Administrator, Bill Shirk – City Attorney, Melissa Wiebenga- Tourism/Community Services Director, and James Rhoades- Chief of Police.

The pledge of allegiance was recited. Pastor Kevin gave the invocation.

Doug Stoltenberg addressed the Council with his desire to lease the Marina for his boat sales and repair business. He explained what his current business is and his plans for the marina and asked if the Aldermen had any questions. A couple Aldermen stressed the importance of keeping that area clean and not wanting old boats sitting around. Mr. Stoltenberg said he wants to sell high-end boats and hopes to get Volvo Penta in his showroom at the south end of the building. There will be consignment boats sold, but he will be very picky about what he takes in. He has an excellent track record (99%) for selling what he brings in. There will be service repair at the north end of the building. Mayor Russell thanked Mr. Stoltenberg for showing initiative and taking time to come to the meeting.

Mayor Russell asked if there were any questions on the last regular meeting minutes. With no questions Ald. Crosthwaite motioned, seconded by Ald. Howard Van Zuiden to approve the January 19, 2015 regular council meeting minutes. Roll call vote/ 7 yes, 1 absent/ motion carried.

The first item for consideration, Mayor Russell invited Mapping Group 4- Tourism and Economic Development to share their goal. Jessica Winkel spoke on the groups’ behalf stating their goal, “Fulton attracts tourist from near and far to visit the multiple high-quality tourism sites in the community including Dutch inspired attractions, and a range of festivals and events that bolster the local economy.” Some of their top strategies include: “Touch of Dutch” tours, Celebrate our ethnic uniqueness and focus on the Dutch Heritage, Goodie bag for special events to give people an incentive to return, Train-the-trainer program for local service industry to help encourage referrals between businesses. Other committee members are Barb Mask, Jane Orman-Luker, Darryl Hogue, Paula Ensinger, Trudy Feldt, and Melissa Wiebenga.

Second, Mayor Russell asked City Attorney, Shirk to explain the proposed terms for farm lease for 99 acres in the Fulton Industrial Center for the 2015 crop year with Mr. Doug Holesinger. Attorney Shirk said the cash rent for this lease is $275/acre or $27,225 per year. The lease stipulates that the land will continue to be for sale for development. In the event someone purchases some or all of the land after a crop has been planted but before it is harvested, the City of Fulton agrees to refund the amount paid per acre plus additional damage of $100 per acre. Ald. Howard Van Zuiden said that is very reasonable and made a motion, seconded by Ald. Crosthwaite to waive bids and accept the terms of the 2015 Industrial Center Farm Lease. Roll call vote/ 7 yes, 1 absent/ motion carried.

Second, Administrator Cannon said he was approached by a licensed Illinois retail fireworks dealer to see if Fulton would allow temporary (3-month) fireworks sales within Fulton city limits. Fulton municipal code currently prohibits fireworks sales within city limits. Ald. Mask asked Chief of Police Rhoades what he thought of it. He explained the different levels of fireworks and the type of permits that would have to be obtained to buy the various levels. Ald. Letcher motioned, seconded by Ald. Mask to approve amending Fulton municipal code to allow temporary retail fireworks sales within Fulton city limits for one year.  Roll call vote/ 7 yes, 1 absent/ motion carried.

Third, Administrator Cannon explained that Beckwith Commercial Roofing in Clinton, IA submitted a proposal in February 2014 for $46,675 to replace the roof at the RFCC. In October 2014, Fulton received a grant for the entire replacement cost of the roof and gutters at RFCC. Beckwith Commercial Roofing will honor thier quote from February 2014. Ald. Letcher motioned, seconded by Ald. Mike Van Zuiden to waive bids and accept the proposal from Beckwith Commercial Roofing. Roll call vote/ 7 yes, 1 absent/ motion carried.

Fourth, City Attorney Shirk said he needs to respond to Mr. Zajicek’s lawyer on whether the Council accepts or rejects Mr. Zajicek’s proposed changes to the agreement presented at the January 5th Regular City Council meeting. Ald. Mask motioned, seconded by Ald. Crosthwaite to reject Mr. Zajicek’s proposed amendments to the development agreement. Roll call vote/ 7 yes, 1 absent/ motion carried.

A motion was made by Ald. Mask, seconded by Ald. Letcher to go into closed session to discuss prospective litigation and personnel. Roll call vote/ 7 yes, 1 absent / motion carried. Council went into closed session at 6:28 PM.

Ald. Mask motioned, seconded by Ald. Letcher to return to main session. Roll call vote/ 7 yes, 1 absent / motion carried. Council returned to main session at 6:38 PM.

Ald. Mask reported the Council is working on compiling evaluations for City Administrator Cannon.


Mayor Russell briefly recapped the discussion in regards to leasing the marina building. He suggested having a 90 day agreement to see how the tenant operates. He also shared that three other communities in our area are also going through the MAPPING process. Lanark is one of them and they are considering hiring a Peace Corp employee through the program. He mentioned that having a Peace Corp employee may be a good investment in surplus funds. Mayor Russell also mentioned a temporary stage will be built in Heritage Cannon, there is interest from a citizen of Fulton to purchase property for a personal and business use, and there were minor complaints about the city’s efforts in removing snow after the huge snowstorm.

Ald. Van Kampen said she attended the wine event held at RFCC and asked if it would be allowed for people to bring in their own alcoholic beverages. The Council briefly discussed pros and cons to this and said it would have to be put on the agenda if they wanted to make a decision on this.


City Administrator Cannon’s written report included all the items for consideration and also information on the Clinton Redevelopment Group who may have a project that could bring 150 jobs to Fulton. Administrator Cannon asked the Council if they could meet February 17th since the 16th is President’s Day. It was decided to meet Monday, February 23rd. Administrator Cannon also said he continues to work with the third ward on the new park. Lastly, he expressed how well Public Works handled clearing the roads, especially with three trucks breaking down.

With no further business, Ald. Crosthwaite moved, seconded by Ald. Van Kampen to adjourn.  With voice agreement, the meeting adjourned at 7:22 PM.

Minutes recorded by,

Jackie Wilkin

Fulton City Clerk