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City Council Meeting Minutes - November 12, 2018

City of Fulton
Regular Council Meeting
November 12, 2018


Mayor Ottens called the meeting to order at 5:30 PM and directed the City Clerk to call roll. On roll call Mayor Ottens, Ald. Mike VanZuiden, Gene Field, Margaret Crosthwaite, Dan Nederhoff, Barb Mask, Keith King and Paul Banker. Sue VanKampen was absent. Also in attendance Randy Boonstra, Tammy Garibay, Dave Bartels, Dan Clark, Debi Ervin and Bill Shirk. 

Pledge of allegiance was recited; invocation was given by Keven Verhoven.

Visitors at the meeting included; Roy & Mary Jo Nelson, Wendy Ottens, Sam Leonard, Patrick Burke, Eunice Swanson, Eric Robertson, Chuck Miller, Linda Dykstra, Trudy Feldt, Daniel Nardini, Neil & Jane Luker, Leah Richter, Tom Steffen, Jan Olson, Nick & Laura Huizenga, Irma Bland, Jay Detterman and Charlene Johnson.

Wendy Ottens requests to wait until after the Committee of the While to open bids and take action.

Mayor Ottens clarified we are just opening bids and taking no further action at this time, have 60 days to accept or reject bids.

Mayor Ottens asked if there are any questions on the consent agenda; approve meeting minutes from October 22, 2018, meeting minutes from goal setting meeting October 29, 2018 and bill list.

Ald. Mask asked about page 8, item for $1,833.17 and page 14 what does S/P stand for under fuel purchased. Dan Clark was able to clarify item for $1,833.17 was for hydra stop pieces used on fire hydrants to prevent leaking and S/P stands for streets and parks.

Ald. Nederhoff motioned, seconded by Ald. Crosthwaite to approve the consent agenda. Roll call vote (7 yes, 1 absent).


Approve bid opening for abatement and demolition of Drives Building. City Clerk opened bids; Demolition only Lohman Excavating & Demolition $64,700, Colgan Excavating LLC $83,700, Larry L Joe Detterman Inc. $94,650, Valley Construction Company $154,000, Burke Excavating $163,507, Phoenix Corporation of the Quad Cities, Inc. $245,949 and Fischer Excavating Inc. $246,950. Abatement Only; Advanced Environmental Testing and Abatement Inc. $79,350, Sterling Environmental LLC $81,345, Environmental Management Services of Iowa Inc. $102,900, Dynamic Contracting Services LLC $113,890. Abatement and Demolition; Lohman Excavating & Demolition $163,050, Dynamic Contracting Services LLC $194,460. The council has 60 days to accept any of the bids. Ald. King motioned, seconded by Ald. VanZuiden to approve bid opening for abatement and demolition of the Drives Building. Roll call vote (7 yes, 1 absent).

Approve Mayor and City Clerk authorization to sign agreement with Fulton Lodging to closes out revolving loan with discounted payment. Ald. Mask motioned, seconded by Ald. Crosthwaite to approve authorization to close out revolving loan with Fulton Lodging at discounted payment. Roll call vote (7 yes, 1 absent).

Approve Mayor and City Clerk authorization to sign donation offer from Wells Fargo to take ownership of property located at 505 9th Avenue. Ald. Mask motioned, seconded by Ald. Nederhoff to accept property from Wells Fargo at 505 9th Avenue. Roll call vote (7 yes, 1 absent).

Approve 2% pay increase for Lt. Donnie Pridemore. Ald. King motioned, seconded by Ald. Mask to approve 2% pay increase for Lt. Donnie Pridemore beginning on next pay period. Roll call vote (7 yes, 1 absent).

Ald. Crosthwaite motioned, seconded by Ald. To adjourn to the Committee of the Whole. Roll call vote (7 yes, 1 absent). The council entered the Committee of the While at 5:47 PM.

Ald. King motioned, seconded by Ald. Field to enter closed session to discuss litigation. Roll call vote (7 yes, 1 absent). The council entered closed session at 6:24 PM.

Ald. King motioned, seconded by Ald. Crosthwaite to exit closed session. Roll call vote (7 yes, 1 absent). The council exited closed session at 6:33 PM.

With no further discussion Ald. Field motioned, seconded by Ald. King to adjourn the next meeting which will be held on November 15, 2018 at 5:30 PM. With voice agreement the council adjourned at 6:34 PM.

Minutes recorded by,
Lindsey Nederhoff
Fulton City Clerk


City of Fulton
Committee of the Whole
November 12, 2018

1. Public Input & Presentations
   a. Leah Richter- bought Richter accounting, turn it into art display for local artists only, teach art classes similar to Vino. Leah is coming to the city for a license to be able to sell wine from the business as well as a tasting license. Attorney Shirk said the tasting license would  be from the state also if it would be a zoning issue. Could go to zoning board for Special Use Permit if it doesn’t fall under the guidelines, this would be no gaming.
   b. Historical Society/ Purchase Drives Building- Neil Luker said the Historical Society is interested in purchasing the Drives Building for $2. This is a win, win for everyone, good for the community and will be able to apply for grants as they are a 501 C3 The city would have to advertise for bids at least 3 weeks in the paper. Will hold special meeting to pass ordinance.
   c. Sexual Harassment Policy Review- passed this last year but there has been an update to the policy, the time to report an incident is 300 days now. Put on next agenda for approval.
   d. Monetary Request of $1500 for non-city sponsored group to host Christmas Walk December 7, 2018- The money would be used to purchase greenery, reusable candy canes and pay to have the Sawmill Train for rides. There are no funds in tourism would have to come from council approved projects.
   e. Sale of land in Industrial Park to Drake Chase- Looking to purchase 10 acres of land, will be putting up building and large lot for trailers to sell. The land has been surveyed and know where we must put the road. Video shown to council of what Drake would like his business to be like, nice building and fenced area with trailers organized. Director Clark estimated the cost to put in the road to Mr. Chase’s property will be $2,000, as it will be rock, gravel. Put on next agenda to approve sale of property.
   f. Amendment request to Liquor Ordinance to establish a new license for restaurants only- establish a new license with requirements to have 60% of sales to come from food, food must be made on premises, gaming only allowed during business hours, etc. To be put on next agenda for discussion and possible approval.

2. Committee chair reports

a. Budget/Finance- had a meeting, minutes included
b. Public Property- N/A
c. Public Safety- N/A
d. Parks & Recreation- N/A
e. Marina- meeting on Thursday
f. Zoning- N/A
g. Economic Development- N/A

3. Mayor’s Report- Wants to thank public works employees for their hard work fixing a water main break late one Friday, took extra man power to get the main fixed. Mayor Ottens does NOT want to raise taxes but wants to continue to fix streets that were discussed at the goals meeting specifically 1st Ave, downtown, Drives Park and 8th St. Continue to look into bonding.

4. City Administrator’s Report- included

5. Aldermen Reports- Ald. Mask mentioned a program to be held this coming Sunday at the Museum at 2 PM.

6. Public Works- included

7. Police Chief- Quad City Times interviewed officers and recovering addicts and doing report on opioid epidemic. Will be doing a ride along with one of the officers.

8. Tourism Coordinator- currently focused on the Christmas walks, one to be held Saturday December 1, 2018 in the Canyon featuring Early American Crafters and other Christmas Walk to be held Friday December 7, 2018 downtown featuring local businesses.

9. Adjourn- Ald. Mask motioned, seconded by Ald. VanZuiden to adjourn back to regular council meeting. Roll call vote (7 yes, 1 absent). The council returned to regular council meeting at 6:23 PM.

Lindsey Nederhoff
Fulton City Clerk