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City Council Meeting Minutes September 24, 2018

City of Fulton
Regular Council Meeting
September 24, 2018


Mayor Ottens called the meeting to order at 5:30 PM and directed the City Clerk to call roll. On roll call Mayor Ottens, Ald. Gene Field, Margaret Crosthwaite, Dan Nederhoff, Sue VanKampen, Barb Mask, Paul Banker and Keith King. Ald. Mike VanZuiden was absent. Also in attendance Randy Boonstra, Tammy Garibay, Amanda Fosdick, Dave Bartels, Jake Willging, Dan Clark, Debi Ervin, Dale Sikkema, Jeremy Leitzen and Bill Shirk.

The pledge of allegiance was recited; invocation was given by Wayne Wiersema.

Visitors at the meeting included; Clink Kettler, Marian Kettler, Harold & Helen Smith, Ben & Tessa Fosdick, Chuck Dykstra, Arlene Considine, Daniel Nardini, Trudy Feldt, Lindsey Barnhart, Charles Arey, Richard Farwell, Bea Farwell, Jill Nederhoff, Ann Hamilton, Jane Luker, Nick & Laura Huizenga.

Oath of Office for canine officer Woz.

Introduction of Jake Willging as the new Police Officer and Nick Huizenga in the Public Works department.

Mayor Ottens asked if there are any questions on the consent agenda, approve meeting minutes from September 10, 2018 and approve the treasurer’s report. With no question or concerns Ald. King motioned, seconded by Ald. Mask to approve the consent agenda. Roll call vote (7 yes, 1 no).

Ald. Mask motioned, seconded by Ald. King to adjourn to the Committee of the Whole. Roll call vote (7 yes, 1 absent). The council entered the Committee of the Whole at 5:35 PM.

Ald. Mask motioned, seconded by Ald. Field to enter closed session to discuss litigation. Roll call vote (7 yes, 1 absent). The council entered closed session at 6:31 PM.

Ald. King motioned, seconded by Ald. Mask to exit closed session. Roll call vote (7 yes, 1 absent). The council exited closed session at 6:50 PM.

With no further discussion Ald. King motioned, seconded by Ald. Mask to adjourn. With voice agreement the council adjourned at 6:50 PM.

Minutes recorded by,
Lindsey Nederhoff
Fulton City Clerk


City of Fulton
Committee of the Whole
September 24, 2018

1. Public Input & Presentation
a. Update on water runoff for 6th Ave Condo development- Admin. Boonstra met with JBR about water issues and putting in retention pond. JBR is to contact excavating company for cost. City is willing to haul away dirt, will be two ponds to keep water draining, will not affect current lots for sale. Mayor Ottens says the water issues is the developer’s responsibility.
b. Adjusting fees to include legal and publishing costs- Currently the city is paying the cost to list property for sale, looking to add to price of sale to recoup costs.
c. Next steps on Drives Building- Ald. King wants to put the demolition of the Drives Building on the next agenda. Ald. VanKampen said she has talked with the States Attorney about a violation of Roberts Rules of Order. Ald. Banker also would like it to be on the next agenda, would like it to be torn down, no plans. Ald. Mask does not want this topic to be on the next agenda, had someone willing to help fix roof, would even split the cost with the city to repair. Ald. Crosthwaite would like to see the council to go forward, has a fear of raising citizen’s taxes to pay for building when streets and sewer need to be maintained first. Ald. Nederhoff asked all aldermen, “What fears they have about the building?” Why are we making a decision based on fear? Ald. Field would like to see the topic on the next agenda. Mayor Ottens went over votes from previous meeting minutes. If building is demolished would put together ad hoc committee to decide what happens with land. Next agenda to include item demo Drives Building.

2. Committee Chair Reports
a. Budget Committee- Ald. Nederhoff said the committee met last Thursday, reviewed budget items, ROF update and DECO update.
b. Public Property Committee- N/A
c. Public Safety- N/A
d. Parks & Recreations- Looked at Blecha property for ideas, Marge Bielema has agreed to putting a mural on the side of her building to make the area look attractive. Do not want to put anything permanent in case someone wants to buy land. Mayor Ottens suggested designating this as a park. Ald. Mask agreed and considers it a pocket park.
e. Marina- N/A
f. Zoning- N/A
g. Economic Development- N/A

3. Mayor’s Report
a. Still looking to set up a goals meeting, Admin Boonstra to send email to confirm best date for everyone

4. City Administrator’s Report- included

5. Aldermen Reports- Mentioned using the microphones is very helpful so everyone can hear.

6. Public Works- Had reports of mosquitos, how city is going to help. Other cities fog the town but Fulton does not have fogger and would need someone with application license to perform duty. Could have plane fly over and spray for mosquitos, cost is $4,000 each time. There has been one report of West Nile in Whiteside County but not sure if he was actually bit in the county.

7. Police Chief- Officer Leitzen will be full time SRO starting October 8, 2018. Put on next agenda guidelines for PT police officer employment.

8. Tourism Coordinator- N/A

9. Adjourn- Ald. King motioned, seconded by Ald. Mask to exit the Committee of the Whole meeting. Roll call vote (7 yes, 1 absent). The council returned to the regular council meeting at 6:31 PM.

Lindsey Nederhoff
Fulton City Clerk