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City of Fulton Council Meeting Minutes, December 14, 2020

City of Fulton

Regular Council Meeting

December 14, 2020


Regular Meeting

Mayor Ottens called the meeting to order at 5:30 PM and directed the Deputy Clerk to call the roll. On roll call, Aldermen Keith King, Barb Mask, Sue VanKampen, Dan Nederhoff, Margaret Crosthwaite, Gene Field were present, Aldermen VanZuiden attended meeting via Zoom. Alderman Banker was absent. Also in attendance were Bill Shirk (via Zoom meeting), Dan Clark, Dave Bartels, Nick Neblung, Aaron Fullan and Tammy Garibay.

Pledge of allegiance was recited.

Visitors at the meeting were, Mr. Corey Council.

Mr. Council addressed the council for consideration of a land sale in the Industrial Business Park of approximately 1.5 acres, located next to Justin Knott, just north of 3D Trailer Sales. His attention in to expand his business that is currently located in Little Oak. He plans on erecting a 30’ x100’ building to house a sales office and shop. He is going to expand on the building of garden sheds, commercial and residential playsets, carports and garages, and possible agricultural buildings. His proposal was included in the packet. City Administrator Clark stated that they were going into closed session to discuss details on the possible transaction.

Consent Agenda

Approve consent agenda; approve council meeting minutes from November 23, 2020, the Bill List, located at the end of the packet and the Treasurer’s Report. Alderman Mask motioned, seconded by Alderman Crosthwaite. Alderman Mask asked about a report for Water Quality, in the amount $63,000, which was incorrectly entered. It should have been printed as a Bond Principal and Interest payment. A correction will be made. Alderman VanKampen asked about a taxidermy bobcat for the Andresen Center. CA Clark said that was correct and that this bill is being paid by citizen donations. With no further discussion - Roll call vote - 7 yes - motion carried.

At this time, Mayor Ottens asked that Chief Bartels step forward to accept a recognition plaque for his 12 years of dedication to the City of Fulton as Police Officer and Police Chief. Chief Bartels said he appreciates the recognition and that he had great people to work with and it certainly has been a learning experience.


Approve the purchase of Police radios in the amount of $68,738.50. Alderman King motioned, seconded by Alderman VanKampen. Discussion followed. Alderman Field asked if these radios were to be purchased through the Clinton Police Department in the event to save money on the purchase. Sergeant Neblung said that this was correct. Sergeant Neblung said that the purchase is inevitable. Currently communication is being lost between the departments due to the fact that current radios and frequencies are obsolete. These new radios will enable for communications between all the departments, from Whiteside County into Clinton County. With no further discussion, roll call vote, 7 yes. Motion carried.

Approve an extra refuse pickup with Moring Disposal for the excess Holiday trash. Alderman Field motioned, seconded by Alderman Mask. Discussion to follow. Dates will be the same as the regular pickup. Moring will pick up the extra holiday trash on everyone’s regularly scheduled day. Any extra trash can be placed in bags and placed next to the toters. This will be for holiday extra trash, which should include paper and cardboard boxes or packaging. NO LARGE TICKET ITEMS. Christmas trees will be picked up separately. With no further discussion - Roll call vote- 7 yes. Motion carried.

Approve the Personnel Handbook revision in deleting section 6.8, page 14. Moving forward comp time will be eliminated after December 31, 2020. This revision only pertains to non-union, salaried city employees. All union contracts dealing with compensation time will be handled through separate union negotiations. Alderman Mask motioned, seconded by Alderman VanKampen. Brief discussion to follow. CA Clark stated that this was moving forward, effective January 1, 2021. All comp time will be honored up to that date for non-union employees only. Roll call vote – 7 Yes. Motioned carried.

Approve Ordinance Abating the Tax Levy for Bond 2019. Alderman Nederhoff motioned, seconded by Alderman Crosthwaite. Discussion to follow. CA Clark explained that the Ordinance to Abate Bond 2019 was not on the agenda at the last meeting when all other Bonds were abated. City Attorney Shirk said this was a standard procedure and was just overlooked on the last agenda. With no further discussion, Roll call vote – 7 Yes. Motioned carried.

Approve Ordinance authorizing the sale of Property owned by the City. Alderman VanZuiden motioned, seconded by Alderman VanKampen. Discussion to follow. CA Clark said that this was not for any particular property. It will enable the city to sell surplus property with the consent of the council for future sales. The sale in question at this time is to let the Police Department go out for bids for the sale of the Canine vehicle and to get trade in quotes on the remaining used vehicles currently in the Police vehicle fleet. At this point it is for information purposes for upcoming budget planning sessions. The Public Safety Committee had made the request. With no further discussion, Roll call vote, 7 Yes. Motion carried.

Approve the appointment of Sergeant Neblung as Interim Police Chief from December 29, 2020 through May 31, 2021. Alderman King motioned and Alderman Mask seconded. Discussion to follow. Alderman VanKampen reiterated that this the dates stated by the Mayor was not six months, when the council had asked for the interim contract to go through June 30, 2021. Alderman King said he would amend his motion and correct to the right dates, December 29, 2020 through June 30, 2021. With no further discussion, Roll call vote – 7 Yes. Motion carried.

Motion to enter the Committee of the Whole Meeting. Alderman Mask, motioned, seconded by Alderman Nederhoff. Roll Call Vote, 7 Yes. Motion carried. Council entered the Committee of the Whole Meeting at 6:10 p.m.

Motion to enter closed session. Alderman Crosthwaite motioned, seconded by Alderman Mask. Roll call vote, 7 yes. Motion carried. Council entered executive session at 6:28 p.m.

After Closed session, and no further discussion and voice agreement, the council meeting adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,

Tammy L Garibay

Deputy Clerk


Committee of the Whole Meeting

  • Public Input & Presentations
    • Residency Requirements for Personnel (thoughts moving forward, on distances for response times. CA Clark suggests that the personnel committee take a look at this. Currently the policy states a 30-mile distance “as the crow flies”). The Police Contract currently states 30 miles from home to work. Alderman Mask says that maybe it should just be the major salaried positions and or department heads.
    • Corey Council – property purchase (closed session)
    • Harry and Julie Dornbush – property purchase (page 25) - (closed session)
    • Credit Card Authorization Form (page 26) This is just a start. We are reaching out to the auditors for a regular policy. We will reach out to them for a policy and include on the next Committee of the Whole.
    • Committee Appointment by Mayor for Police Chief Recruitment – Mayor will come up with a timeline soon. It will include all Public Safety Committee Aldermen, a local businessman, clergy, fire department head, and a former Police Chief. We will need a salary range (65,000-75,000), job description, advertisement costs, etc. Aldermen Mask is not in favor of going out for a Police Chief position. She is in favor of hiring within. Someone who is familiar with day-to-day operations. Mayor Ottens is highly in favor of the hiring process, and states that this will be completely transparent and thorough. Discussion to follow at future Committee of the Whole Meetings.
    • Additional Class A Liquor License – Wine and Cocktail Bar downtown. Mayor’s recommendation to add another Class A. The potential bar owner has assured the City that they do not want a video gaming license and is willing to sign that agreement. Alderman Field asks who it is. Mayor Ottens only states that she owns a current business downtown. Aldermen Field cannot believe that anyone would want to pay for expensive cocktails in downtown Fulton. Mayor Ottens is in favor of giving the license that would entitle the business to serve, sell package goods and have an outdoor seating area.
  • Committee Chair Reports
    • Budget/Finance
    • Public Property
    • Public Safety (Minutes were included at the back of the packet)
    • Parks & Recreation
    • Marina
    • Zoning
    • Economic Development
  • Mayor’s Report
  • City Administrator’s Report
  • Aldermen Reports
  • Public Works Director
  • Police Chief- Report Included
  • Tourism Coordinator (Would like Aaron to reach out to Dr. Harrison on the Covid vaccination program.)
  • Adjourn- Alderman Crosthwaite motioned, seconded by Alderman Mask to return to the regular council meeting. Roll call vote (7 yes) The council returned to the regular meeting at 6:25 p.m.


Tammy L Garibay

Deputy Clerk