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City of Fulton Council Meeting Minutes, April 12, 2021

City of Fulton

Regular Council Meeting

April 12, 2021

Public Hearing



Mayor Ottens called the meeting to order at 5:30 PM and directed the Deputy Clerk to call the roll. On roll call, Aldermen Keith King, Paul Banker, Barb Mask, Sue VanKampen, Dan Nederhoff, Margaret Crosthwaite and Gene Field were present. Alderman VanZuiden was absent. City Administrator Clark, Chief Neblung, Zoning Officer Sikkema and Deputy Clerk Garibay were also in attendance.

Mayor Ottens asked for any question or public comments on the proposed fiscal year 2021-2022 Budget. No Discussion to follow

Mayor Ottens closed the Public Hearing at 5:33 pm.


Regular Meeting

Mayor Ottens called the regular meeting to order at 5:33 PM.

The Pledge of allegiance was recited.

There was no communication from visitors.

Consent Agenda

Approve consent agenda; approve council meeting minutes from March 22, 2021, and the bill list. Alderman King motioned, seconded by Alderman Crosthwaite. No Discussion on the consent agenda. Roll call vote - 7 yes, motion carried.


Approve the Annual Budget for fiscal year 2021-2022. Alderman Mask motioned; Alderman VanKampen seconded.

 No Discussion. Roll call vote – 7 yes, motion carried.

Approve the Ordnance amending the Traffic Schedules in Chapter 71 by erecting s 4-way Stop Sign at the Intersection of 10th Avenue and 9th Street. Alderman King motioned, seconded by Alderman Crosthwaite.  Discussion to follow. Alderman Mask would like to know what precautions were going to take place to help residents “see” the sign. Administrator Clark said there would be flashing lights at night, along with flags and warning signs to “stop ahead”. These will remain for an extended period to help the public get accustomed to the new sign. With no further discussion, roll call vote – 7 yes, motion carried.

Approve the Blue Grass Festival to be held at Heritage Canyon on June 26, 2021. Alderman Mask motioned, seconded by Alderman King. No discussion to follow. Roll call vote – 7 yes, motion carried.

Approve the Blessing of the Bikes to be held downtown Fulton on June 6, 2021. Alderman Field motioned, seconded by Alderman Mask. Alderman Mask asks if this does include the Beer Garden. Administrator Clark said yes, this was discussed at the last Council Meeting. Both Aldermen Crosthwaite and VanKampen agreed.  With no further discussion. Roll call vote – 7 yes, motion carried.

Approve the SRO Contract. Alderman King motioned, seconded by Alderman Mask. No discussion to follow. Roll call vote – 7 yes, motion carried.

Approve the FOP Contract. City Administrator asked that this motion be tabled to the next meeting so all the Aldermen could be given the contract for review. Mayor Ottens asked that it be tabled until after closed session (which it would be discussed at that time) for a possible vote after the closed session. Item tabled until after the closed session.

Alderman King motioned, seconded by Alderman Crosthwaite to adjourn to the Committee of the Whole. Roll call vote – 7 yes, motion carried. The council entered the Committee of the Whole at 5:48 p.m.

At 6:12 PM, Alderman Mask motioned, Alderman King seconded to enter closed session to discuss personnel.

At 6:43 PM, Alderman King motioned, Alderman Mask seconded to adjourn back into the regular Council meeting. FOP Contract decision will be tabled until next meeting. The FOP Contract will be emailed to all for review.

With no further discussion Ald. Mask motioned, seconded Ald. VanKampen to adjourn. With voice agreement the council adjourned at 6:44 PM.



Public Input & Presentations

  • UTV Update – The Council decides to move forward with the UTV Ordinance for vote at the next council meeting. Alderman Mask asked if they would be kept off the bike path. Administrator Clark says that no vehicles are allowed on the bike paths and it would be monitored by the Police Department.
  • Committee Chair Reports
    • Budget/Finance
    • Public Property
    • Public Safety
    • Parks & Recreation
    • Marina
    • Zoning – Storage Unit Update and map included to show the Industrial areas that they can currently build in. Zoning Officer Sikkema states that anywhere on the included map that is in green, storage units can be erected. Mr. Sikkema asks the council if they want to make an amendment to the areas that they can be built. Alderman Mask and Alderman VanKampen both say “Yes”. Alderman Mask believed that there was something already in an Ordinance that forbid them. Mayor Ottens said we can control the Industrial Park on what can be built there, but not on any proper ty that is already owned by an individual. Mr. Sikkema relates that there is a property owner that is waiting for an answer from the Council - if he can build additional units on his property or not. He already at the present time has storage units. Mr. Sikkema says to his knowledge that there has not been any issue with storage areas that are close to the residential areas. Mayor Ottens asks the Council to think hard on this issue before we put restrictions on properties that we currently do not own. Zoning Officer Sikkema states that he is not quite sure what the Council wants here. Mayor Ottens reaches out to City Attorney Shirk for council. Attorney Shirk states that there is nothing to prevent it currently. Mayor Ottens suggests that this goes to the Zoning Board of Appeals to get their opinion. Zoning Officer Sikkema states this would take a special called meeting, along with a publication in the media, 15 days prior to a scheduled meeting. It has been decided as of this meeting, there is nothing to stop the building of these storage sheds in the industrial area until the ordinance is amended. Alderman Nederhoff states that there is a problem with water runoff from these sheds that are located by his property. Nothing has been brought up about this before. This is a totally different issue than what is being discussed at this time and should be brought up separately. Mayor Ottens states this should be further discussed in the future and at the present we cannot stop the issuing of the permit for storage units in the Industrial areas until changed.
  • Mayor’s Report - N/A
  • City Administrator’s Report-Included (page
  • Aldermen Reports
  • Public Works Director
  • Police Chief – Report Included (pages Alderman Mask asks the question on the graphs, on how each call relates to man hours. Example. Chief Neblung states that an average ambulance call could be 20-30 minutes. A Whiteside County assist could be at a minimum of 15 minutes. This depends on the severity of the call itself.
  • Historical Society – Report Included (page

With no further discussion. Alderman Mask motioned, seconded by Alderman King to return to Council meeting to enter closed session. Roll call vote, 7 yes, motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted,

Tammy L Garibay

Deputy Clerk