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City of Fulton Council Meeting Minutes, June 27, 2022

City of Fulton

Council Meeting Minutes

June 27, 2022



Regular Meeting

Mayor Ottens called the meeting to order at 5:31 p.m. On roll call, Aldermen King, Banker, Mask, VanKampen, Nederhoff, and VanZuiden were present. Alderman Hunt and Brondyke were absent. Staff present, were City Administrator Clark, Police Chief Neblung, Public Works Director Sikkema, Sgt. Hamilton, City Treasurer Fosdick and City Clerk Garibay. Visitors were in attendance.

The Pledge of allegiance was recited.

Recognition of Volunteers – N/A       

Communication from Visitors

Mr. Chevon Singh asked to address the council. He is asking that the council allow him the opportunity to apply for the liquor license for the property located at 1615 4th Street, known as Fulton Oil Mart.

Mayor Ottens, states that he may apply for a liquor license, but at this time there are not any available. The owners of Fulton Oil Mart would have to surrender that license for one to come available and that has not occurred.

Mayor Ottens also stated that when a liquor license is surrendered and or available, anyone may apply. At that time, background checks are conducted by the State of Illinois, and then approved. Mayor Ottens will make her suggestion to the Council and then the Council will decide who the license will be issued to, or they may entirely make an ordinance change to decrease or increase the number of licenses that will be available. There are no guarantees who will be issued the license. It has been noted that there are several interested parties that would like a Class A and or a Class A1 License at this time.

Mr. Kevin Huen asked to address the council about a property that is located behind his residence at 1125 15th Ave. He stated that the property has been neglected from many years, without any help from the city for the property owner to adhere to the city ordinances.

Mayor Ottens said that she and the entire council is aware of the problem and that citations have been issued but the party has not come into compliance. The City and Attorney Shirk will continue to address the problem with the owner and hopefully there will be progress made in the near future.

Mr. Huen stated that he would hope so. This is very degrading for Fulton. The grass, weeds, rodents, and racoons are unacceptable, and becoming a health hazard for all other neighbors surrounding the property. Mayor Ottens said that they would continue to address the issue.


Dan Dolan – Sale of Property

Mr. Dan Dolan is happy to announce that he has been issued a “Letter of Intent from the State for a Grow Facility License.” He is asking the council to consider selling him a total of 43 acres located in the Fulton Industrial Center and would like to move forward with the purchase as soon as possible.

The property would house an approximately 100x120 foot building and employee twenty-five employees to start. The remaining property would be used for a solar garden to supply energy for the grow facility.

Alderman Nederhoff had questions about the solar facility in question. He would like to know who is going to install the solar facility, how many megs are going to be used in the grow factory itself, and are you going to be selling back to the grid?

Alderman Mask would like more numbers, as in how many employees for sure, when are you going to be issued the license, when do you plan on starting construction, and how much power will be used in the facility from the solar garden. She suggests getting together with City Administrator Clark and work out as much detail as possible to present to the council. There are many questions that need to be answered before the council can make an appropriate decision on selling the property in question.

Mr. Dolan stated that he would get together with Administrator Clark to work out all the details for a presentation to answer all the council’s questions.

Consent Agenda

Approve consent agenda; approve council meeting minutes and from June 13, 2022, and the Treasurer’s Report. Alderman VanZuiden motioned, seconded by Alderman King. Discussion to follow. Alderman Nederhoff would like to address the minutes as to the mayor stating that there would only be quarterly meetings of the committees instead of monthly or as needed meetings. He is not in agreement with this and would like Attorney Shirk to research this. He can find, nowhere, that the mayor can limit the number of meetings that the committees have. He would like to see the written documentation on this. Attorney Shirk states that he will research into this. Alderman Mask would like Treasurer Fosdick to give a brief “verbal” interpretation of her monthly report. With no further discussion. Roll call vote, 5 yes, 1 no (Ald. Nederhoff), consent agenda approved.


Approve Sand Solar to obtain a special use permit from Whiteside County to erect a solar gardens, 1.5 miles from the City of Fulton, city limits. Alderman King motioned; seconded by Alderman VanKampen. Discussion. City Administrator Clark said this is an acceptance formality that is needed by the county, since the facility would be in an area (1.5 Miles) from the city limits. Roll call vote, 6 yes, motion approved.

Approve the Mid-America Carpenter’s Union Contract. Alderman King motioned; seconded by Alderman VanKampen. No discussion. Roll call vote, 6 yes, motion approved.

Discussion Only – City Council Chamber Upgrades.

Mayor Ottens and City Administrator Clark says initially their numbers were high. Amount for chairs will be $1300-$1500, painting will come in at approximately $1500, and Mayor Ottens has found commercial carpeting at a reduced price for the council chambers at approximately $2000-$3000 installed from Carpetland.

Alderman Mask is adamant to keep her chair. The council will vote on the decision at the next meeting.

Approve Windmill Steering Committee – Articles of Agreement. Alderman VanKampen motioned; Alderman VanZuiden seconded. Discussion to follow. Alderman Mask states that on the “Budget Proposal,” the dates are incorrect. City Administrator Clark says that he will get this updated with the committee. Council will move forward with the approval. Roll call vote, 6 yes, motion approved.


Special Event Application

Mayor Ottens states that the Fall Festival Committee has not yet met, so they are unable to give their input on the application. Alderman Mask stated that they looked over the application a couple of years ago and found it very cumbersome but would suggest that it be used as a “trial run” for the Fall Festival, and then discuss after the event. Mayor Wendy believes that would be a clever idea, and then would be able to give feedback after the event. Alderman King would like to see a trial run period for a year. Alderman King states that employees at City Hall will be there to help fill out the application. Mayor Wendy will report back to the council after Fall Festival to see how efficient the event application is.

Mutual Aid for Public Works

Public Works Director Sikkema explains that the cost to the city would be $100 annually. This would provide the city access to additional sources of help from other towns, villages, and municipalities. Currently the Police Department and Fire Department are in reciprocal agreements with other agencies, which therefore allows them to assist when needed and to get assistance from other agencies in times of an emergency. This will be added to the next agenda as an “action” item.


Finance – N/A

Economic Development – N/A

Personnel Committee – Alderman Banker and Alderman Mask will be starting the City Administrator’s evaluation soon.

Parks and Recreation – Alderman VanKampen states that she has been in touch with IDOT and they will be mowing and cutting trees at the entrance to the Route 30 south bridge in the near future.

Public Safety – N/A

Marina – N/A

Zoning – Mayor Ottens states that her husband, Phil, will be joining the zoning board of appeals and is still looking for one more candidate.

Mayor’s Report – City has new FB page-city information only (Neblung and Garibay Admin) Chief Neblung is going to FBI Training Class in Virginia at no charge to the city. He was selected as a candidate out of many applications and will attend the training on his own vacation time. Mayor will attend the IML Symposium in September.

Aldermen Report – N/A

City Administrator Report – Included (Surplus Equipment Bids came in “very good”)

Chief of Police Report – N/A

Public Works Director Report – Included (Hydrant flushing)

Tourism Report – Included

Fulton Historical Society Report – Included

Adjourn Meeting. Alderman King motioned; seconded by Alderman Mask, meeting adjourned at 6:23. All in favor, 6 yes.

Respectfully Submitted,

Tammy L Garibay

City Clerk