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City of Fulton Council Meeting Minutes, October 12, 2020

City Council Meeting October 12, 2020 Minutes - City of Fulton



Public Hearing: N/A

Regular Meeting

Alderman VanZuiden called the meeting to order at 5:30PM and directed the Clerk David Gibbons to call the roll. Mayor Ottens was absent from this meeting. On roll call, Aldermen – Keith King, Sue VanKampen, Dan Nederhoff, Barbara Mask, Mike VanZuiden and Gene Field were present. Not present – Paul Banker, Margaret Crosthwaite. Media representative John Rohlf of the Clinton Herald present.

City Attorney Shirk, Public Works Director and Acting City Administrator Clark, Tammy Garibay in attendance.

Alderman VanZuiden noted that he would be voting as an alderman during the meeting, while standing in for Mayor Otten’s procedural responsibilities.

The IPDH’s guidelines requiring masks during this council meeting.

Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Communications from Visitors


Consent Agenda

Approve Consent Agenda; Approve City Council & Committee of the Whole minutes from October 22, 2020; Approve October 2020 Bill List. Alderman King so moved, seconded by Nederhoff. Roll Call Vote: 6 yes, 0 no, 2 not present. Motion approved.

Discussion: Alderman Mask asked for clarity on a bill from Northwest Surveying that was title for Eastern Iowa Propane, it was noted that the bill was listed incorrectly and the bill was actually a bill for Olsen property surveying. Mask also requested information on John Deere Bucket listed on bill list, Dan Clark clarified that these charges were for rental of mini excavators that were used during the storm clean-up effort. Alderman Field asked for information on bills noted for flag pole removal, Dan Clark clarified that the bill was not just for that service but for many of which the smallest task was the flag pole removal and included repairs at the Marina. Field also asked about the price competiveness of Barak’s Truck Repair, it was noted by Dan Clark that there is one other truck repair service local and the two are on par for costs.


Ordinance Amending Chapter 53 – Entitle Solid Waste – placement and removal of containers. Alderman King so moved, seconded by Alderman Nederhoff. On roll call vote: 5 yes, 1 no (Mask), 2 not present. Motion Approved.

                Discussion: Alderman Field noted that he personally struck a Moring garbage tote that had fallen into 10th Avenue with his vehicle. Alderman Mask noted that the garbage totes are not standing on their own then the automatic arm on the truck places them back on the ground. This causes them to fall into the road, creating a hazard. Alderman Mask requested the ordinance be amended to make the timing the limitations from dusk to dusk to limit the time the can is out on the street to 1 night only. Dan Clark noted he would reach out to Moring to request they remind the drivers to take care placing the cans on the ground.

Motion to Adjourn to the Committee of the Whole. On Roll Call Vote: 6 yes, 0 no, 2 not present. Motion Approved. Council session entered Committee of the Whole at 5:43 PM.

Motion to Exit Committee of the Whole was made by Alderman Field and Seconded by Alderman King. On Roll Call Vote: 6 yes, 0 no, 2 not present. Motion Approved. Council exited Committee of the Whole at 6:20 PM.

Motion to enter Closed Session to discuss personnel was made by Alderman King, and Seconded by Alderman VanKampen. On Roll Call Vote: 6 yes, 0 no, 2 not present. Motion Approved. The Council entered Closed Session at 6:22 PM.

Motion to Exit closed session was made by Alderman Mask and Seconded by Alderman King. On Roll Call Vote: 6 yes, 0 no, 2 not present. Motion Approved. The Council exited Closed Session at 6:28 PM.

Motion to Adjourn meeting was made by Alderman Mask and Seconded by Alderman King. With voice agreement, the meeting was adjourned at 6:29 PM.

Committee of the Whole

  • Public Input & Presentations
  • Storm Water Ordinance.

Discussion: Dan Clark noted that this provides leverage to mitigate storm water damage stemming from development or construction.

  • Budget Overview.

Discussion: Dan Clark presented the budget overview. Clark noted revenue is down 9% from budget. On expenditure side, the City is over by 7%, making the total shortfall around 16%. Projecting the shortfall forward, the estimated end of Fiscal Year 2020 would result in a $141,000 shortfall. Mr. Clark noted there is an error in the graphical presentation that the analysis and forecasting represents the Fiscal year, not annual year.

  • Final Storm Clean Up Overview and Costs.

Discussion: Dan Clark presented information. He noted the final outside services expense was $141,000. Which will be split evenly between the garbage fund and the gaming fund. There will be some insurance monies coming back, that would be placed back into those funds. Mask inquired about insurance coverage. Mr. Clark noted insurance can cover damage to equipment and damage to buildings.

  • Request from Current Liquor License Holder.

Discussion: Dan Clark noted that a current liquor license holder has had a closed business for the past 6 months or so due to COVID. He has paid half of the license fee, and requests he not be required to pay the fee for the time his business was closed. Attorney Shirk noted that you must apply the rule consistently. This item will be added to the next agenda meeting for a formal vote.

  • Appraisal for 910 5th

Discussion: According to Dan Clark an offer was received that exceeded the 80% of appraised value, and the council will vote to accept or reject this offer at the next meeting.

  • Committee Chair Reports
  • Finance Committee – Alderman VanZuiden presented. He noted the Finance Committee had met Thursday 10/6/2020, and information was provided in the packet. He noted that the next meeting would occur 10/22/2020 at 4:00 PM at the Council chambers.
  • Public Property- N/A
  • Public Safety- N/A
  • Parks & Recreation- Barb Mask presented. Noted was the tourism draw of the Old Lincoln Highway and the Mississippi River, and the unused city property down by the Windmill. Currently there is a private business using some of the land as a parking lot for industrial vehicles. Mask is suggesting an improvement project in that area, for the future consideration of the council.
  • Marina- Clark noted there will be a meeting 10/15/2020 at 3:00PM.
  • Zoning- Dale Sikkema presented. He noted that he has received three requests for wired corn cribs to turn into gazebos in the past month. Clark noted there is one installed behind Kingpin’s that they use for a bar. Attorney Shirk noted that it may be classified as an accessory building and he would do some further research. Dale also noted an influx of solar panels being installed on citizen’s roofs. Attorney Shirk notes a solar regulation ordinance should be considered by the council. Dale also noted that the solar farm on south end of town will go online in December.
  • Economic Development- N/A
  • Mayor’s Report – N/A
  • City Administrators Report, Dan Clark – N/A
  • Aldermen Reports – Alderman Mask Presented. Mask noted the Fulton Historical Society has taken on projects to detail certain historical happenings. Their most current project is taking a historical account of the COVID pandemic and its impacts. The Historical Society would like to involve Aaron Fullan, the Tourism Director of Fulton, conduct some of the interviews and information gathering that would accompany this project. It was noted Aaron’s responsibilities have been slimmed down as COVID has shuttered much of the tourism outlets for the City, and this would provide a productive fill. Alderman VanZuiden questioned lending Aaron’s time out to the Historical Society, as it may open an inappropriate standard. Dan Clark noted there are opportunities for Aaron to work on the Marina, Windmill, other places around town and he will be meeting with Aaron to discuss these topics. It will be raised at the next meeting to allow Aaron to work with the Historical Society.
  • Public Works Director, Dan Clark – N/A
  • Police Chief, Dave Bartels – It was noted that a prescription and narcotics disposal box will be installed at City Hall, that is currently being fabricated by Kustom Metal in Fulton. The contents of which will be deposited with the DEA once a year.
  • Tourism, Aaron Fullan – N/A
  • Historical Society – N/A

5. Adjourn

Respectfully Submitted,

David C Gibbons

Clerk – City of Fulton