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City of Fulton Council Meeting Minutes, September 26, 2022

City of Fulton

Council Meeting Minutes

September 26, 2022



Regular Meeting

Mayor Ottens called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. On roll call, Aldermen King, Banker, Mask, VanKampen Nederhoff, Hunt (arrived at 5:35 p.m.) and VanZuiden were present. Alderman Brondyke was absent. Staff included City Administrator Clark, Chief Neblung, PW Director Sikkema and City Clerk Garibay.

The Pledge of allegiance was recited.

Communication from Visitors

Business owners Troy and Drake Chase addressed the Council a second time for interest in an additional 12 acres in the Fulton Industrial Center, adjacent to the property that they already own. They are presenting an offer of $8,500 per acre for the remaining area. The Chase’s explain that their golf cart sales business has exploded and much more room is needing for future sales.  This year alone they have sold 175-200 units. They would like the City to extend the road to the end of their property. This will have to be negotiated in a contract. Mayor Wendy states that the sale of property will be furthered discussed in closed session and that City Administrator Clark will be in touch with them.

Consent Agenda

Approve consent agenda; approve council meeting minutes from September 12, 2022, and Treasurer’s Report. Alderman Nederhoff motioned, seconded by Alderman VanKampen. No discussion to follow. Roll call vote, 7 yes, motion approved.


Approve an Ordinance and sale contract authorizing the sale of Municipally owned real estate to Dan Dolan for property located within the Fulton Industrial Center. Alderman King motioned, seconded by Alderman Hunt. Discussion to follow. Alderman Mask asks for explanation of the “by back option?” CA Administrator explains that we buy back the property cheaper than what was paid. Attorney Shirk has this in every contract at a percentage rate. Administrator Clark will get clarification from Attorney Shirk. Council will vote on the option with the license included. Roll call vote, including the mayor’s vote, 8 yes, motion approved.

Approve Draw #5 for DCEO 8th Street Improvement Project. Alderman VanZuiden motioned, seconded by Alderman King. Roll call vote, 7 yes, motion approved.

Approve ordinance amending the amount of compensation paid to the Mayor, Aldermen and City Clerk. Alderman VanZuiden motioned, seconded by Alderman Hunt. Discussion to follow. Personnel Committee is recommending to go with the flat fee of $75 per meeting for all Aldermen. (This will include 2nd meetings, special meetings and or committee meetings). The mayor will receive $300 for the first meeting and $75 for each additional meeting. The Clerk will receive $262.50 for the first meeting, $75 for each additional meeting and up to 8 hours of pay per week at the rate of $20 per hour. This will all take place for newly elected or appointed officials, effective of swearing in, May of 2023. Roll call vote, 7 yes, motion approved.

Approve a Resolution for the City of Fulton to adopt the 2022 Whiteside County Multi-Jurisdictional All Hazards Mitigation Plan. Alderman Hunt motioned, seconded by Alderman Banker. Chief Neblung states that the program has already been approved, just would like the support of the city. Roll call vote, 7 yes, motion approved.

Approve Trick or Treat Day and time. Alderman Hunt motioned, seconded by Alderman Mask. Short discussion. Mayor Wendy explains that this year the Clinton parade falls on Halloween night and suggests that we move the trick or treat day and time up to Saturday, October 29th, from 6-8 pm. Council agrees. Roll call vote, 7 yes, motion approved.

Approve Kaylan Contract. Alderman VanZuiden motioned, seconded by Alderman King. CA Clark explains that they only change is on #5 of the contract, which states: if the buyer does not complete 25% of the construction within the time frame, City has the right to repurchase the real estate and that the buyer must return the property to its original condition at their expense. Roll call vote, 7 yes, motion approved.

Approve upcoming change to Regular Council Meeting scheduled on December 26, 2022. Council would like to cancel that meeting. Alderman Mask motioned, seconded by Alderman King. Roll call vote, 7 yes, motion approved.

Approve to waive $35 fence permit fee to Fulton High School to erect a Garden Fence for a school project. Alderman Banker motioned, seconded by Alderman King. CA Clark explains that is a small chain link area, to keep out visitors from picking the garden produce. Roll call vote, 7 yes, motion approved.

Approve to deem Fall Festival a city sponsored event. Alderman VanZuiden motioned, seconded by Alderman King. Discussion to follow. Mayor Wendy states that while at the IML Conference she was told that insurance cost to sponsor this event, under the city, would be no additional cost at all. She states that this would be only for the insurance, and no additional costs for the city. Alderman Mask asks is this for this event only, Mayor Wendy states no, for all events. She is reminded that this is not the motion, the motion states Fall Festival. Other festivals will be discussed later. Alderman VanZuiden and Nederhoff would like future discussions on this. CA Clark states that if these are deemed city events than all books from these volunteer groups should be made public to the city. Alderman Nederhoff does not want the city to be responsible, this is not fair to the taxpayers if there is a potential lawsuit. Another issue is the consumption of alcohol at these events. All these things need to be addressed. Alderman VanZuiden states that this event, currently, does not meet the city’s current ordinances. He is not in favor, at this point, until further discussions and decisions are made within the council. Mayor Wendy states this is too bad, now the committee will have to come up with $750 for their own insurance. Roll call vote, 7 NO, motion failed.


  • ARPA Fund Ideas – Alderman Mask suggest planting trees that have been destroyed from the derecho. Currently this is not on the list. It is imperative that the city get an updated, revised list of expenditures that the city may use. City Administrator Clark and Alderman Mask will pursue the updated list.
  • Review Beer Garden Ordinance – Alderman VanKampen states that she recalls beer gardens in the past have been enclosed in a tented area. Alderman King states that he has seen cinder blocks used to hold up the fence area. It has been decided to review the current ordinance and if it is not to be enforced than the council will have to amend. This will be a future conversation.
  • Mayor Wendy would like the council to think on what should be deemed a city sponsored festival. Which ones should we cover. We will continue discussions later. She would hope at that time, all ideas and proposals can reach an agreement on what to cover and what not to cover.
  • Review the City of Fulton Training/Conference Policy – CA Clark explains that this is just a reminder that if any employee attends a training session or conference that the council be entitled to a written or oral report of the training’s session. He would like that it be taken out that they must have a written report. If the immediate Department Head approves the training, that this should be adequate.


Finance – N/A

Personnel – N/A

Economic Development – N/A

Parks and Recreation – N/A

Public Safety – Report to include at next meeting

Marina – has been established that with the low water, boat lifting and storage can not take place at our Marina. Boaters will have to go elsewhere for the second year in a row.

Zoning – N/A

Mayor’s Report – Verbal – attending IML Conference (Mayor will have a written report for next meeting.

Aldermen Report – Brought to the attention that Air BnB’s need to be addressed. Will look more into this matter.

City Administrator Report – Included

Chief of Police Report – N/A

Public Works Director Report – Included

Fulton Tourism – N/A

Historical Society – N/A

Adjourn to closed Session to discuss sale of property and personnel. Council adjourned to closed session at 6:51 pm. Alderman Mask motioned and seconded by Alderman VanZuiden to enter. All in favor.

Return to Regular Meeting. Alderman Hunt motioned, seconded by Alderman King. Returned to open meeting at 7:00 pm. All in favor.

Adjourn Meeting. Alderman Hunt motioned; seconded by Alderman King, meeting adjourned at 7:01 p.m. All in favor.

Respectfully Submitted,

Tammy L Garibay

City Clerk