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City of Fulton Council Meeting Minutes, September 28, 2020

City Council Meeting September 28, 2020 Minutes 

City of Fulton



Regular Meeting

Mayor Ottens called the meeting to order at 5:30PM and directed the Clerk David Gibbons to call the roll. On roll call, Aldermen – Keith King, Paul Banker, Sue VanKampen, Dan Nederhoff, Margaret Crosthwaite, Barbara Mask, Mike VanZuiden and Gene Field were present. Not present – Dan Nederhoff who arrived at 5:31, just after roll call. No media representatives present. Members of the public Satinder Grewal, Harnunder Grewal, Gurlabh Singh, Bhupin Derdit Kaur present.

City Attorney Shirk, Public Works Director and Acting City Administrator Clark, Tammy Garibay, City Treasurer in attendance.

Mayor Ottens implemented the IPDH’s guidelines requiring masks during this council meeting.

Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Communications from Visitors

Members of the public Satinder Grewal, Harnunder Grewal, Gurlabh Singh, Bhupin Derdit Kaur deferred opportunity to the Committee of the whole where additional liquor licenses will be discussed.

Consent Agenda

Approve Consent Agenda; Approve City Council & Committee of the Whole minutes from September 14, 2020. Approve Bill List. Alderman Mask so moved, seconded by Banker. Roll Call Vote: 8 yes, 0 no. Motion approved.

Discussion: Barb Mask requested September 14, 2020 regular council meetings minutes be corrected under the Committee of the Whole topic under section G.


“Discussion on possible Real Estate tax rebates for proposed housing developments in the 1000 block of 14th Avenue and 1100 block of 7th Avenue”


“Discussion on possible Real Estate tax rebates for proposed housing developments in the 1000 block of 11th Avenue and 1100 block of 7th Avenue”


Ordinance Amending the City Code…Chapter 116 Hotel-Motel Tax. – Tabled.

                Discussion: Topic tabled and returned to the City Attorney for clarification on sales tax versus use tax.

CURE Fund Ordinance. Alderman VanZuiden so moved, seconded by Alderman VanKampen. On roll call vote: 8 yes, 0 no. Motion Approved.

                Discussion: Ordinance allows the City of Fulton eligibility for reimbursement of funds through the local Coronavirus Urgent Remediation Emergency Support Program.

Corporate Authorization Resolution. Alderman VanZuiden so moved, Seconded by Alderman Crosthwaite. On Roll Call Vote: 8 yes, 0 no. Motion Approved.      

Discussion: Ottens notes this updates the signature cards at Central Bank.

Fidelity/Drives Historic Building Project. So Moved by Alderman VanKampen, Seconded by Alderman Mask. On Roll Call Vote: 8 yes, 0 no. Motion Approved.

                Discussion: Alderman Mask summarized that this item supports a grant application being submitted by the Fulton Historical Society. Mask clarified this does not require action or expenditures from the city, only that it demonstrates the communities support for the project. Mask noted local congressmen and business owners have also provided letters of support.

Motion to Adjourn to the Committee of the Whole was made by Alderman King and Seconded by Alderman Crosthwaite. On Roll Call Vote: 8 yes, 0 no. Motion Approved. Council session entered Committee of the Whole at 5:40 PM.

Motion to Exit Committee of the Whole was made by Alderman Mask and Seconded by Alderman King. On Roll Call Vote: 8 yes, 0 no. Motion Approved. Council exited Committee of the Whole at 6:57 PM.

Motion to enter Closed Session to discuss personnel was made by Alderman King, and Seconded by Alderman Crosthwaite. On Roll Call Vote: 8 yes, 0 no. Motion Approved. The Council entered Closed Session at 7:02PM.

Motion to Exit closed session was made by Alderman Field and Seconded by Alderman King. On Roll Call Vote: 8 yes, 0 no. Motion Approved. The Council exited Closed Session at 7:24 PM.

Motion to Adjourn meeting was made by Alderman VanZuiden and Seconded by Alderman King. With voice agreement, the meeting was adjourned at 7:26 PM.

Committee of the Whole

  • Public Input & Presentations
  • Additional Liquor Licenses – Continued Discussion.

Discussion: There was a request reviewed at the previous council meeting for an additional A1 – Off Premise Beer Wine & Liquor sales license. Gurlabh Singh spoke first and noted that he has invested $850,000 in his business, and adding the license will erode his ability to operate Eagle River Liquor. Eagle River is one of the existing A1 license holders. Satinder Grewal then spoke urging the city to consider adding a license. He raised the points that he aims to create a thriving business, meet the needs as many customers as possible, pay sales tax and to hire employees. There was a straw vote to determine whether there is support for this initiative. The councilmen in opposition communicated that Fulton does not need another A1 type liquor store and that the number of licenses has already been discussed, set at 13. Those in favor communicated the city should not participate in protectionism by preventing another A1 type license, and voting yes in the straw vote allows for more time to consider business model. The Straw vote results: No’s – Crosthwaite, Nederhoff, Mask, Vankampen, Field, VanZuiden: Yes’s – Banker, King. The proposition by the Grewal’s did not gain support to be moved to the regular business for a vote. It was offered by the council that B1 Licenses for Beer & Wine sales are available.

  • Continued discussion on methods to ensure garbage cans are removed from curbside within 24 hours of garbage pickup.

Discussion: Ottens summarized that the level of fines would begin at $25, $50, then $75 for a third offense. Ottens noted the goal is to balance the needs of the individual and the needs of the community. Barb Mask noted that the cans fall over when the arm of the garbage truck puts them down into 10th Avenue. It was arrived at a 3PM the day before pickup, 8am the day after pickup for an allowable window of time. Item passed to Attorney Shirk to draft the ordinance.

  • Committee Chair Reports
  • Finance Committee – Alderman VanZuiden noted that the city is currently tracking according to budget. The COVID shortfall has yet to hit the city’s finances. He notes that right sizing the city staff should be considered. VanZuiden looks for input on ideas for moving forward against revenue shortfalls. VanZuiden notes Banker and VanKampen are also on the Finance Committee and that they try to meet the Thursday before the second council meeting of the month. Alderman Mask requests projections of revenue shortfalls for planning purposes. Alderman Nederhoff considers contingency planning. VanZuiden notes that current vacancies and associated cost savings help to align the budget. This should be considered in the contingency planning. Ottens questioned on savings discussed on previous meeting around increasing fines structure to support revenue for the police department. It was noted by Clark and Police Chief Bartels that that shortfall will not recover, the budgeted revenue amount was overstated in the first place. Dan Clark noted any overages on the budget will come out of General Funds Expenses. It was noted the General Fund stands at $184,000. City Treasurer notes that at the end of August 2019 the General Fund stood at $312,000. At the end of August 2019 balance was $383,000. Dan Clark noted conversations have begun about managing 2021 budgets. Ottens points out the general reserves will get to a point where city financial management will come into question and we the City cannot continue to business as was thought. VanZuiden notes city is not in a position to hire for empty police officer positions and city administrator. Forecasts to be forthcoming from the Finance Committee.
  • Public Property- N/A
  • Public Safety-
  • Parks & Recreation- N/A
  • Marina- N/A
  • Zoning- N/A
  • Economic Development- Alderman VanKampen took the opportunity to thank Tammy and Dan who have assumed larger responsibilities. The council voiced their agreement and appreciation.
  • Mayor’s Report – Mayor Ottens notes that the there is a third construction project beginning at the top of the hill above 4th He requests Dan Clark follow up with the homeowners there. Alderman Banker notes that is the type of thing handled via building permits. Attorney Shirk will review codes for any opportunity for mitigating un-seeded dirt eroding into neighboring properties.
  • City Administrators Report, Dan Clark – Mr. Clark noted the city was given an offer on the city owned property at 910 5th Avenue, the last property remaining. Mr. Clark notes that an outdated appraisal prevents the sale of the property as ordinance prevents the sale of the properties for less than 80% of appraised value. Clark noted other lots have sold for $28,000. The current offer is $27,000. Attorney Shirk suggested updating the appraisal, rather getting a new one. Ottens asked Mr. Clark to let buyer know city will sell, but will have to get a new appraisal.

Mr. Clark noted that a sexual harassment class is required to be completed by law by the end of the year. Further information will be provided. He also noted that there is a possible opportunity for Radios, PPE, computers reimbursement via the CUREs Act. A discussion of the CUREs Act followed. Further study will occur. Ottens noted $143,000 has been allocated by the Act but not realized.

  • Aldermen Reports – N/A
  • Public Works Director, Dan Clark – N/A
  • Police Chief, Dave Bartels – N/A
  • Tourism, Aaron Fullan – N/A
  • Historical Society – N/A

5. Adjourn

Respectfully Submitted,

David C Gibbons

Clerk – City of Fulton