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City of Fulton Meeting Minutes, July 25, 2022

City of Fulton

Council Meeting Minutes

July 25, 2022



Regular Meeting

Mayor Ottens called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. On roll call, Aldermen King, Banker, Mask, VanKampen, Nederhoff, Hunt, and Brondyke were present. Alderman VanZuiden was absent, along with Clerk Garibay. Staff in attendance were City Administrator Clark, Treasurer Fosdick, Chief Neblung, Public Works Director Sikkema and Attorney Shirk.

The Pledge of allegiance was recited.

Consent Agenda

Approve consent agenda; approve council meeting minutes and from July 11, 2022, and Treasurer’s Report. Alderman Mask motioned, seconded by Alderman Brondyke. No discussion. Roll call vote, 7 yes, motion approved.


Approve sale of property (approximately 43 acres) in Industrial Center to Dan Dolan. Alderman Hunt motioned, seconded by Alderman King. Discussion to follow. Attorney Shirk states that the motion will be to pass an ordinance for the sale of the property, along with the contract. Since the property is in the TIF District, it will have to be published in the newspaper as well. City Administrator Clark states according to the plat, the actual acreage will be approximately 46.903 acres, verses the previous 43 acres as stated. Attorney Shirk will be working on the contract and will have everything for the next meeting. Alderman Nederhoff and Mask want to make sure there are stipulations if there is no grow license obtained. Details will be worked out in the contract, according to Attorney Shirk. Roll call vote, 7 yes, motion approved.

Approve issuance of A-1 Liquor License to Vicky Grewal. Alderman Banker motioned; no second motion obtained. Motion failed.

Approve grant request pay draw to Porter Brothers in the amount of $232,908.39 for the 8th Street Project. Alderman Mask motioned, seconded by Alderman Banker. Discussion to follow. Administrator Clark said the project was in the final phase. Alderman Mask asked if there were any comments on the project from Aldermen in that Ward. Alderman King responded that PW Director Sikkema and CA Clark were on top of things. No further discussion. Roll call vote, 7 yes, motion approved.

Approve agreement between Downtown Auto Clinic and the City of Fulton for maintenance on Police Department Vehicles. Alderman King motioned, seconded by Alderman Brondyke. Discussion to follow. Chief Neblung stated that bid notices were sent to local Fulton businesses and several in the Clinton area, and Downtown Auto Clinic came in at the best rate. Mayor Wendy asked if it was a substantial difference between them and Fulton businesses, and the answer was yes. No further discussion. Roll call vote, 7 yes, motion approved.

Approve the extension on issuance of building permit for Manreet and Melanie Kalyan for property located at the intersection of 4th Street and 10th Avenue, for the new brewery. According to the contract – a building permit was supposed to be submitted within 180 days after the signed contract. Alderman Hunt motioned, seconded by Alderman King. Discussion to follow. Manreet explained to the council that at this time they are in negotiations to purchase the Galena Brewery in Galena, and the Taphouse in the Quad Cities. If this deal transpires, the future for Fulton would be a Taphouse. This would eliminate the direct brewing in Fulton. Fulton would be designated as a full-fledged restaurant, taphouse, and sales. The Kalyans are asking for a one-year extension from tonight, July 25, 2022. No further discussion. Roll call vote, 6 yes, 1 no (Alderman Mask). Motion approved.


  • Excess monies after sale of property in Industrial Center. City Administrator Clark would like to see the excess revenues go into Fund 71 (Business Development Fund) to tract the revenues and expenditures. This is a sure way to see what the future for the monies is. Keeping this separate from the General Fund will keep it apart, instead of comingled with other revenues. Alderman Mask asks if the excess revenue could be used to pay down debt. CA Clark said should not be used to pay down the Bond debt, because funding is already in place for those payments. She requests for him to see if the city has any other debt that they could be used for instead of spending. Other questions - would there be enough funding to finish the road in the Industrial Center? Both Clark and Sikkema stated, no. Will tract monies in Fund 71.
  • City Administrator Clarks asks the council to consider amending the ordinance to automatically removing a license if one is surrendered. He explains even if the license remains, and are approved by the Liquor Commissioner, the vote still goes before the Council. In addition, there are always extra fees each time an ordinance is amended. Attorney Shirk states that the ordinance was amended under Mayor Mike Ottens, when trying to control the number of video gaming requests that were coming in from vendors that were requested a Class A and Class C Licenses. Council agrees and Attorney Shirk will draw up the new ordinance for the next council meeting.
  • Mayor Ottens recommends the addition of another Class A-1 Liquor License. Mr. Singh has gone through the application process and has met all criteria that is required by the State of Illinois. At this time, she would approve a liquor license for him if there was another A-1 available. This would meet the request for Mr. Singh to reopen the convenience store located at 1615 4th Street, formerly known as Fulton Oil Mart. Alderman VanKampen states, that she is not in favor of increasing any more licenses, and to continue with what has been approved currently by the council.

Mayor Wendy gives Mr. Chaney Singh the opportunity to speak in his behalf. He states that he is willing to invest a lot of money in the current property in question. He will blacktop, paint, cleanup, landscape and move his family into the area to maintain the new revitalized store. This will bring much needed revenue for the city, and a convenience to all the residents who reside in the area. He states that many have come to him already, asking when the store will be open again.

The mayor explains, once again, that when a license is surrendered that the process of application starts all over. The license does not go with the sale of the property. She also states that Ms. Grewal has been lobbying for the class A-1 license for nearly 18 months now, so she would be the next in line. That is why she is asking the council to increase the numbers. The council clearly is not in favor.

Mr. Grewal speaks in defense of his wife’s application for the license and being denied. He states that they have met all criteria, and if the license is available, they should receive it.

Council agrees on further discussion of licenses at another time.

  • Aldermen Mask and Brondyke present their findings for the Cemetery property requested by the Fulton Township. Minutes from the 1st Ward Meeting held on June 26, 2022 are included in packet. In attendance of the meeting were Fulton residents, Brett Hartman, Justin Jackson, Virginia Peterson, Phil Huizenga, Paul and Jen Trich, and both Aldermen. 

All residents were against the idea of the Township gaining ownership of the land. No one liked the idea of a one-way road being built in their back and side yards. Concerns of a dog park were brought up, although that idea from the township had ceased to exist some time ago when the cost of fencing was an outrageous price.

Residents did request, aside from the sale, about asking the Township to relocate or conceal the dumpsite at the cemetery, as well as requesting to stop burning debris at the site, especially the plastic flowers, which create a very strong odor when burning. 

  • ARPA Funds – per Alderman Mask. USES. Mayor Wendy handouts the description materials from the IML on what the funding may be used for. She asks that all Aldermen read and review the materials for further discussions.

Alderman Mask would like to see a pickle ball court, stating that this is the trend in many cities and municipalities. Administrator Clark states that this does not fall within the recommended “eligible uses.” The uses are clearly stated as:

  • Support public health expenditures by funding Covid-19 mitigation efforts, etc.
  • To address negative economic impacts caused by the public health emergency.
  • Replace lost public sector revenue, using this funding to provide government services to the extent of the reduction in revenue experienced due to the pandemic.
  • Provide premium pay for essential workers, offering additional support to those who have borne and will bear the greatest health risks because of their service in critical infrastructure sectors.
  • Invest in water, sewer, and broadband infrastructure, making necessary investments to improve access to clean drinking water, support vital wastewater and stormwater infrastructure and to expand access to broadband internet.

            INELIGIBLE USES:

  • Prohibits funding to offset reductions in tax revenue.
  • Prohibits making deposits into a pension fund for the purpose of reducing an accrued, unfunded liability.
  • Prohibits funding debt service, legal settlements, or judgments, raining day funds or financial reserves and general infrastructure outside of water, sewer, and broadband.

Council will further discuss at another time. Administrator Clark says funds must be spent down by 2025.


Finance – Report Included

Personnel – Report Included

Economic Development –  N/A

Parks and Recreation – N/A

Public Safety – N/A

Marina – N/A

Zoning – N/A

Mayor’s Report – Verbal

Aldermen Report – N/A

City Administrator Report – Included

Chief of Police Report – Included

Public Works Director Report – Included

Fulton Tourism – Included

Historical Society – Included


Adjourn to Closed Session

Alderman Mask motioned, seconded by Alderman Brondyke. Council entered closed session at 6:50 pm to discuss sale of property, litigation, and personnel.

Return to Regular Meeting

Returned to open session at 7:00 p.m. Roll call vote, 7 yes. Return to meeting

Adjourn Meeting. Alderman Brondyke motioned; seconded by Alderman Hunt, meeting adjourned at 7:08. All in favor, 7 yes.

Respectfully Submitted,

Tammy L Garibay

City Clerk