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City of Fulton Special Council Meeting Minutes, May 29, 2020

City of Fulton

Special Council Meeting

May 29, 2020



Regular Meeting

Mayor Ottens called the meeting to order at 8:00 AM and directed the Deputy Clerk to call the roll. On roll call, Aldermen – Keith King, Barb Mask, Sue VanKampen, Margaret Crosthwaite, Gene Field and Mike VanZuiden were present. Aldermen Paul Banker and Dan Nederhoff were absent. Also in attendance was City Administrator Boonstra. No Media were present.

All social distancing rules were abided - limiting the number of 10 individuals in the Council Chamber area.

Pledge of allegiance was recited.

There was no Communication from Visitors.


Approve Resolution Ordinance establishing rules for outside seating for bars and restaurants. Alderman Mask motioned, seconded by Alderman King. Discussion to follow. Alderman Mask wanted clarification if this was to be a Proclamation or an Ordinance. It will be an Ordinance, “establishing temporary authority for restaurants and bars in the City of Fulton to operate, outdoors pursuant to the guidelines, laws, rules and regulations of all departments of the State of Illinois.”

With much discussion the Mayor and Council came to a consensus that outdoor seating will be acceptable with both the bars and restaurants. Closing time for bars will remain the same; 2 a.m., with an 11:00 p.m. time limit for live and loud music. There will be no need for fence perimeters, but a regular perimeter must be established by the proprietor and abided by it. No drinking or carrying outside of such perimeter.

Restroom facilities located inside of the building will be available for use, providing social distancing measures are in place.

Some restaurants have notified the city that they will be providing indoor seating. The policy of the city is not in the enforcement business to shut the establishments down. This is entirely up to the business to handle the matter. The City’s responsibility will be to issue a cease and assist order, due to the Governor’s mandated proclamation. Violations will be at the businesses discretion. The City will not be taking an official stance or convictions of said violations.

It is up to the businesses to abide by these conditions. These said privileges are being granted by the City, and if issues arise, the rules and conditions will be changed – either on an individual basis or a change across the board for all. Any official complaints from citizens will be handled immediately and fairly. All members of the City Council will be made aware of any changes to the rules by the Mayor.

With no further discussion, Roll Call Vote, 6 yes, 0 no, 2absent. Motion passed.

Mayor Ottens reminded the Council that the next schedule Council Meeting will be held on June 8, 2020 at 5:30 p.m.

Mr. Troy Chase (3D Sales) is planning on attending the meeting concerning blacktopping of Progress Drive. Alderman Mask asked that more information is needed concerning the project and would like to have more of a discussion during the Committee of the Whole portion of the meeting. She is requesting more data on the project. Mayor Ottens stated, with the permission from Mr. Chase, that last year alone, 3D Sales generated $70,000 in sales tax for the City of Fulton, and projects that this amount will be doubling within the next year or two, when they move into their new building. He is expecting an answer at the next meeting on whether the city is following through on a commitment that was made to him on the new blacktopped roadway. Mr. Chase said if the city does not commit, he will be forced to use the new building as a warehouse only for the trailers, and move the sales office to Clinton, Iowa.

With no further business, Alderman Mask motioned, Alderman VanKampen seconded, and with verbal agreement the meeting adjourned at 8:39 a.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Tammy L Garibay

Deputy Clerk – City of Fulton