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City of Fulton Zoning Board Meeting Minutes September 22, 2016

City of Fulton
Zoning Board Meeting Minutes
September 22, 2016

Chairman Dean Brackemyer called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM and directed roll to be called. On roll call Dean Brackemyer, Adam Cooprider, Rich Kummerer, Don Loftus, Linda North, Jason Brewer and Brad Houzenga answered, “present.” Also present Zoning Director Dale Sikkema and City Clerk Lindsey Renkes.

Visitors at the meeting included Eddie Wosobe.

Item for consideration is a 5 foot variance for Eddie Wosobe to cover his boat that sits to the side of his house. Ed has already built a cover/lean to on the side of his house to cover the boat. He does not have enough room on the other side of his house and there is no alley access to his backyard. His neighbor has signed a paper saying he does not care the lean to goes up to the property line. Ed had a contractor put up the lean to so quickly because his boat is new, he also cannot get it into his garage on the other side of the house. Rich Kummerer motioned, seconded by Adam Cooprider to accept the variance for a 5-foot setback to go to the property line. Roll call vote (5 yes, 2 no). It was brought up by city ordinance the accessory building needs to conform to the primary building such as vinyl, stone, etc. Zoning board member Kummerer asked if Mr. Wosobe would replace the green tin along the sides of the lean to and use vinyl siding to match the primary building/home. Mr. Wosobe agreed to the change to conform to the city ordinance. Rich Kummerer motioned, seconded by Don Loftus to allow the accessory building to stay as long as green side panels are changed to similar materials of primary building within 90 days. Roll call vote (6 yes, 1 no).

With no further business, Don Loftus motioned, seconded by Rich Kummerer to adjourn. With voice agreement the Zoning Board adjourned at 6:56 PM.

Minutes recorded by,

Lindsey Renkes
Fulton City Clerk