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Public Hearing Minutes October 8, 2015

City of Fulton
Public Hearing Meeting Minutes
October 8, 2015

Mayor Russell called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM. In attendance Mayor Russell, Aldermen M. Van Zuiden, Margaret Crosthwaite, Dan Nederhoff, Gene Field, and H. Van Zuiden. Also in attendance was City Administrator Ed Cannon. Eleven people signed in for public comment.

The Pledge of Attendance was recited.

Mayor Russell stated the purpose of the Public Hearing was to hear comment on the One-Way traffic flow proposal for 4th Street between 10th Avenue and 13th Avenue.

Wendy Ottens gave a presentation on the One-Way proposal on behalf of Fulton Forward. The objective of the One-Way was to create a more pedestrian-friendly down town, improve safely by reducing congestion and calming traffic, create a more open and inviting and wider street, and improve visibility for existing businesses. She reviewed results from a survey of down town business owners that showed 74% favored a One-Way.

Mayor Russell next invited public comments.

Susan May voiced her opposition to the proposal and stated she knew 3 businesses that were not surveyed.

Heidi Kolk was in opposition and questioned the “open and inviting” benefit of a One-Way street.

Nancy Kolk gave a history of the traffic flow and beautification efforts in downtown Fulton and voiced her opposition to One-Way.

Bea Farwell also spoke in opposition to the One-Way proposal stating parking in down town was not an issue.

Randy Schmitt spoke in opposition and recommended the City place the issue on a ballot and vote via a public referendum.

City Administrator Cannon gave an analysis on the One-Way traffic proposal. He reported the proposal was feasible based on an example from Morrison, IL and a mock-up performed in down town Fulton. He discussed parking and explained that any modification to 4th St. would require compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. He also stated Fulton was “grandfathered” and was not required to change the parking to become ADA compliant until the street was modified. Administrator Cannon stated changing to one-way would result in a net loss of available parking spaces. He reported ADA compliance would cost $140,000 due to the costs of modifying 12 street corners, painting, and signage. This cost could increase to $250,000 should the city decide to resurface 4th St. as part of the modification. The costs could be funded through motor fuel tax proceeds, CIP bond proceeds, and offset through grants.

April Eshelman asked if the analysis included required set-backs at the corners, and Administrator Cannon said it did.

Ald. Mike Van Zuiden stated the city was discussing the need to comply with ADA regardless of the one-way proposal because of the needs within the community.

April Eshelman asked what the parking count would be if Fulton kept 4th St. two-way with full compliance with ADA. Administrator Cannon did not have the exact numbers, but explained it requires one (1) handicapped stall for every 25 marked spaces. He stated full compliance would be difficult given the parallel parking on east 4th St. in front of Witt’s End. Fulton would have to record a variance.

Heidi Kolk remarked that Fulton could eliminate a few of the standard parking stalls and therefore reduce the number of required handicapped stalls.

Mike Ottens asked if Fulton should have addresses ADA compliance when it switched from one-way to two-way in 1999. Administrator Cannon replied yes.

Ald. Field asked if changing the traffic flow would generate additional sales tax revenues to justify the $140,000 cost. Administrator Cannon stated the $140,000 was for ADA compliance.

Ald. Howard Van Zuiden stated he did not believe down town had a parking problem. He stated safety could be improved through an ordinance that restricts oversize truck parking on 4th St.

Mayor Russell commented that the City should look at the alleys that feed into 4th St.

April Eshelman commended the members of Fulton Forward and thanked all who voiced their opinion and concerns.

Ald. Mike Van Zuiden thanked those in attendance and stated the decision affects all in Fulton, not just the down town business owners.

With no further business, Ald. Nederhoff motioned, seconded by Ald. H Van Zuiden to adjourn. Voice roll call all affirmative, the meeting adjourned at 7:38 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Ed Cannon
City Administrator