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Special City Council Meeting Minutes - March 16, 2019

Special City Council Meeting & Budget Workshop Minutes – March 16, 2019
City of Fulton


Mayor Ottens called the meeting to order at 9:05 AM and directed Debi Ervin to call roll. On roll call Mayor Ottens, Gene Field, Dan Nederhoff, Barb Mask, Paul Banker, Sue VanKampen, Mike VanZuiden and Keith King. Also in attendance Randy Boonstra, Dave Bartels, Debi Ervin and Dan Clark. Absent was Margaret Crosthwaite.

Pledge of allegiance was recited; invocation was given by Randy Boonstra.

Visitors in attendance were Jane Orman-Luker and Jill Nederhoff.

Under “Items for Consideration”,

A. Chief Bartels said Officer Hamilton will be attending Training March 27-29 near Fort Dodge, which is where Waz came from originally. There will be no charge for this additional training, other than wages, accommodations and per diem. This item will be added to the Agenda for the 3/25 City Council meeting. Chief Bartels also discussed his responsibility in going over budget on a budget line item (?) but would not be a problem in next fiscal budget year. Discussed officers overtime concerns, 12-hour shifts and problems that it brings, off-time injuries resulting in time off, etc. Vehicle replacements pending. Avoiding using Dodge vehicles due to frequency of performance issues.

B. 6th Avenue Condo Flooding: Public Works Director, Dan Clark said that Pump # (?) went out last week. The sewer line is too small to handle the extra water, no matter how many pumps. John Porter is the company that initially installed the system. Ald. Barb Mask suggested getting a second opinion. Mask to speak to original installer to follow up. Mayor Ottens suggested scheduling a meeting to determine how water situation is to be handled, who is responsible, the developer or the city? Then designate a group to determine the procedure to handle the issue and who is responsible to cover costs to fix the water issue.

2018/2019 Budget Workshop: Randy Boonstra read his projected 2019 Economic Overview, his budget notes and suggestions for 2019/20. Boonstra commented that the deficit can be paid with the money from the sale of the Drives building. He discussed in detail each line item and reason for any suggested modifications. This is a first draft of the proposed budget, and not the final version for consideration by council. Discussion of charts in packets, sales tax breakdown for 2018, Health Insurance, Telephone service, IMRF, PD salaries & benefits chart & is over half of total city budget, adding a flat storm sewer fee for homeowners, water usage 4% increase annually (was increased 8% in 2018 but had not increased it year prior).

Public Works:

Dan Clark listed top road projects he had on his list:

1. Drives Park: no curbing. Projected cost: $668,000 Discussion: Would it be possible to gravel the area in the NE end at the pavilion to increase parking? Discussion: Could diagonal parking striping be added to increase parking? Discussion: School buses park at the Public Works building to help with parking congestion?

2. 8th Street between 14th and 20th Avenues. Projected cost: $380,000

3. 1st Avenue from 5th to 12th Streets. Projected cost: $350,000

4. 4th Street between 10th and 14th Avenues to resurface & make ADA compliant. Projected cost: $350,000

Discussion: Instead of 1st Avenue, do 5th Street. VanKampen commented that since 3rd Avenue was just done, that instead of doing another road at that end of town, to consider doing something in a different ward, and 5th Street, as a main traveled road, should get repaired. Discussion: Put off 1st Avenue for another year. VanZuiden and Mayor Ottens both made comments about not revisiting the “one-way” dialog regarding 4th and 5th streets. Discussion: possibly focus on 5th Street instead of 4th Street this year. Nederhoff commented on a one block stretch in his ward that needs attention. Clark said that could be fit in with another scheduled street project with no problem since equipment will be in town. Clark commented that would continue to also keep focused on continuing to grow the Depreciation Fund. Discussion: Width of 4th Street, replacing the sidewalks, pushing back the curbing on both sides, all the electrical and water lines are run in that part of the sidewalk so to move the curbs back would result in major expense to move all the infrastructure too. Discussed long vehicles being restricted to parking in public parking lots instead of on 4th street, feasibility of that happening, tenant’s vehicles parked on 4th street, or if could use public parking lots. Discussion: Parking near Brunch House, Clark said people could park on opposite side of street as long as didn’t drive/park on bike path, & must use driveway entry. Will need to create parking ordinance to restrict parking in front spaces of Brunch House, to low-profile vehicles. Bartels said accidents haven’t been a problem at the intersection due to high-profile vehicles.

Voted and seconded to adjourn the meeting – 12:00 PM