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City of Fulton Finance Committee Minutes - January 8, 2020

City of Fulton Finance Committee Meeting
January 8, 2020
Fulton City Hall


Present: Mayor Ottens, Chairman Nederhoff, Alderman Mask, Alderman Van Zuiden, City Administrator Boonstra.

  1. The Committee reviewed budget to actual numbers for the current year. Overall situation is improving somewhat. Revenue numbers are on track and spending in areas of concern is showing improvement
    2. The Committee discussed plans to close out the K-9 fund, which is a separate account and checkbook that was created when the K-9 program was implemented. This fund will be closed and a line item will be added to the next fiscal year budget to address K-9 expenses. This account and it’s need to be closed was an item that came up in our most recent municipal audit.
    3. City Administrator Boonstra is seeking $3000 from Fund 71 to fund an engineering study for the corner of 4th Street and 10th Avenue. This engineering study is needed to satisfy a requirement for an IDOT grant that will be applied for to finish that area.
    4. The Committee discussed the proposed budget for next fiscal year. Currently as things stand we have a budget that is $123,490 from being balanced. Discussions were held on some possibilities to close that gap.
    5. There will be a City Council budget workshop on Saturday, January 18 at 9am at City Hall.




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