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City of Fulton Finance Committee Minutes, October 8, 2020

City of Fulton Finance Committee Meeting

October 8, 2020



Present: Clark, Garibay, Banker, Van Kampen, Mask, Bartels, Hamilton, Neblung, VanZuiden

The meeting was called to order at 1630. Purpose of the meeting was to discuss and understand the current situation as it relates to comp time and overtime within the Police Department.

Sgt Neblung explained the current situation with regard to comp time balances and noted that a couple of officers are over the contractual 60 hour limit due to various circumstances including staffing and vacation usage. Current unwritten rule within the Police Department is that comp time cannot be used when it would create an overtime situation. There is a plan in place in the department to get the comp time used and within contractual limit by 1 February 2021.

Overtime discussion centered on a discussion of current staffing, normal patrol schedules and modified patrol schedule for the current level. Copies of schedules with visuals was provided by Sgt Neblung for a better understanding of the schedule. The full council will receive this as well for better understanding and basis for conversation going forward.

Interim Administrator Clark provided a revenue projection for the remainder of the fiscal year showing a revenue shortfall of $268,000 or 17.8%. Discussions are ongoing with staff to look at ways to mitigate the situation. Also, very early looks at next fiscal year budget are commencing.

A discussion took place regarding the Public Safety Tax that is on the ballot for Whiteside County on November 3. This tax would fund the enhanced 911 that is coming soon. This new system will be a significant cost to the City, unless this tax is passed. Further information was being forwarded to the City Council by email from Sgt Neblung.

Meeting adjourned at 1710.


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