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City of Fulton Finance Committee Minutes, September 24, 2020

Finance Committee Meeting September 24, 2020





Present: Mayor Ottens, Interim City Administrator Clark, Deputy Clerk Garibay, Alderman Van Zuiden.

Budget to Actual Review

-General fund balance $184,000.

-PD fines 01-01-351 budgeted for $32000. Current is $2719. On pace for $6000, which is

$26000 under budget.

-Bottom line on Police budget is at 42%, which is on pace to be on budget for year if things remain on this path.

-Miscellaneous on streets 01-41-929 is very high. BWC clean up is in there and will get moved.

-Discussion of potential long term savings to help offset oncoming shortfalls. Staffing

right-sizing/reconfiguration seems a prudent conversation with regard to path forward. COVID related revenue impacts will likely affect this budget year and next budget year. We should plan accordingly.


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