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City of Fulton Public Safety Committee Meeting Minutes, June 13, 2020

City of Fulton

Public Safety Committee

Meeting Minutes

June 13, 2020



Date: June 13, 2020 at 6:00 a.m., held in Fulton City Hall Council Chambers

Present: Council Committee Members:Margaret Crosthwaite- chair, Paul Banker and Mike VanZuiden, Alderperson Barb Mask (Personnel Committee Chair), Fulton Police Chief David Bartels, Sgt. Nick Neblung, Sgt. Dwayne Hamilton

Chairperson Crosthwaite called meeting to order at 6:00 a.m.


POLICE DEPARTMENT MANPOWER: Currently fully staffed with future projected shortages, due to scheduled FMLA, Vacations, and out of state Federal Court Case testifying.

Current staffing – Normal, 2 officers per shift (6A-6P, 3P-3A, 6P-6A), thus requiring between 4-6 hours of Hire Back on Friday and Saturday nights (either 10P-2A or 9P-3A). Effects on staffing requires 8-12 hours overtime per week.

Possible solution options, expressed by Fulton Police Department (FPD) personnel to offset shortage coverages were as follows:

  • Contract with Whiteside County Sheriff’s Office –
  • Pay deputies current wage + additional cost of WHCO equipment usage
  • Hire Part-Time Officer (Off Duty Deputy or Officer) - FPD past PT officer was asked to return equipment, due to lack of reliability

– Not Budgeted

           + Hire at $25.00 per hour rate versus current officer salary of $38.00

           + Cover for Training – example, PT employee works a couple of 12-hour shifts, would allow all FPD officers to participate in Required 2 -hour/ month training (ex. firearm), during a one day 8-hour shift

       + NO NEED to pay for training, No Insurance, No IMRL

** Would need Budget Line Item to track PT costs.

*** Committee recommends/supports FPD being allowed to search and hire part-time officers for patrol coverage if utilized to decrease overtime costs and funding is available.


RADIOS – Chief and Sergeants informed committee members that on Monday, June 8, 2020 Whiteside County Sheriff’s Office advised they decided to go with Motorola 700 Mhz Starcom Radios ($8000/ radio) over Raycom P25 Digital Radios ($800/ radio).

Disadvantages – Costs approx. $8000/mobile unit = approx. $60,000 for dept     portable radios

  • Monthly Usage Fees Increase ($38 vs current rate of $10)
  • WHCO Dispatch Communications Usage Fee Increase = $ UNKNOWN

Current Charge $900/year, possible increase of $10,000- $20,000/year

Example, Sterling PD currently pays $30,000/year

Will happen sooner than later

FPD members reminded committee this is why they are concentrating on setting 3-5-10 year department goals.


Tahoe needs new tire, was damaged in mutual aid pursuit assist, started in Savanna ending in Quad Cities, resulted in an arrest. Tahoe is being used more on patrol.

Dodge Charger – needs 4 tires replaced, 4 new spare tires already have been put on a patrol unit.

Department is looking at getting rid of Dodge Chargers – not reliable (made for highway use). Possibly Leasing Option 3-5 year with a maintenance option, getting 3 vehicles and paying off in 3 years. Checking into SUV type due to extra equipment needed in squads.

MDC – Docking stations being installed today 6/13/2020





Possibly taking monies from Drug Fund?


Sgt. Hamilton stated plans were to initially purchase a new bicycle.

Country Insurance has donated a new bicycle to FPD.

To activate/utilize the program will need 2 patrol officers on Night Shift.

Timken Grant for protective equipment has been submitted no sure when released.

Councilperson Mask suggested doing a Bike Rodeo/Public Safety event as possible fundraiser with a civic organization.

WHCO SWAT – Has started up, doing additional training, several FPD officers on the team. Prepared and Participated with the Clinton IA EOC activation, during recent protests activity in Clinton, IA. This required overtime for some officers. Committee commended the department for participating and being proactive instead of reactive to a potential volatile, large-scale event. Training and collaborative department (multiple agencies) strategies/responses were experienced by the GATEWAY (GAPA) officers. Within minutes a department’s resources and community can be taken over as was experienced by Davenport IA PD recently during protest activities.

Our officers are legally covered to respond to mutual aid requests with any of the Gateway agencies (have signed current mutual aid agreement).

COMMUNITY POLICING - Officers will hopefully be making more citizen contacts starting June 26- dependent on State of Illinois Governor moving on to COVID-19 Stage 4, lifting more restrictions.


Chief Bartles and Sgt. Neblung advised it is not financially feasible at this time.

March update to Council was halted due to COVID pandemic.

Possible talks in the fall with both agency’s public safety committees was suggested to even see if both are in favor of joint departments- new members on both town committees. Need to know logistics of funding and personnel. What are the benefits vs negatives?


Currently 35% usage of the 2020-2021 Vehicle Maintenance Budget.

$4000 was budgeted, was wanting $10,000.

Due to wear/tear/regular maintenance of older vehicles.

Officers are required to shut down squads when not using/parked.

Drug Fund is very low and Capital fund has no monies for vehicle maintenance.

All FPD employees stated they are continually looking and will apply for grants if/when they come available.

Chief Bartels advised Riverbend School District did continue to pay SRO Leitzen’s wages during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Committee request they keep the budget forefront for the council.

Councilperson VanZuiden motioned to go into closed session to discuss personnel at 7:00 a.m., seconded by Councilperson Banker.

Councilperson VanZuiden motioned to go out of closed session and back into regular committee meeting at 7:08 a.m., seconded by Council person Banker.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:09 a.m., by all committee members voting yea.

Next Public Safety Meeting will be planned one week prior to the meeting date, due to work schedules.    






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