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City of Fulton Steering Committee Minutes, June 19, 2020



JUNE 19, 2020

9:00 AM



Jane Luker called the meeting to order and asked someone to volunteer to be the secretary for the meeting and take minutes. Aaron Fullan volunteered.

Jane Luker presented a copy of the treasurer’s report. It was noted that some recent expenses were potentially missing from the report and that Barb Kelly (treasurer) could comment on those expenses at our next meeting.

Jane Luker asked to meet Roy Nelson and Kathy Rynders after the meeting to go over and finalize the articles of agreement for the steering committee.

Jane Luker made note that the windmill needs another coat of paint to prevent weathering, windowsills in center need re-varnishing, and the carpets need cleaning.

Committee briefly acknowledged the success of the 2019 Christmas walk and expressed anticipation of yet another one in 2020.

Jane Luker touched on the need for chair upholstering and that the costs associated with that were note yet reflected in the balance of the treasurer’s report.

Discussion from the committee regarding the need for a sign replacement outside of the cultural center (ideally, something lighter than what is currently in place). Jane Luker was going to coordinate with Jude Holesinger regarding the latest update on that possibility.

Jane Luker addressed the committee regarding the pros and cons of reopening the center and windmill for tourism visits (including upcoming steamship visits July-October). After discussing the guidelines for operation from the CDC and Whiteside County Health Department, it was decided that Jane would survey volunteers who would be assisting with the tours and see what their comfortability levels for reopening are. Jane also agreed to start pricing the cost of sanitization supplies. Jane also mentioned the possibility of needing to hire someone to help sanitize on the weekends for tours (due to current guidelines, sanitization is required after every use). Mike VanZuiden said he would address the possibility of not reopening with the city council and report back at our next meeting.

Jane Luker announced that the YWCA Day Camp was cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions and that we tentatively have a bus tour scheduled for summer 2021.

Jane Luker also proposed to postpone 20-year windmill anniversary until next year due to COVID-19 restrictions, which was unanimously approved by the committee as a whole. It was also noted that a temporary spot to store “spare” windmills might be necessary when construction on Drives building commences.

Next meeting scheduled for July 2nd @ 3:00 PM.

Minutes recorded by,

Aaron Fullan

Tourism Coordinator


Published in Public Meeting Minutes