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City of Fulton Tourism Committee Minutes, October 14, 2020

City of Fulton Tourism Committee Meeting

October 14, 2020

4:30 PM


Aaron Fullan called the meeting to order.

Updates were provided by Committee members who were present.

Kyle Kopf and Elizabeth Rice-Keller were absent.

Barb Mask continues to accommodate tours and requests for information and research upon request for the Martin House.

Jude Holesinger informed the Committee that the windmill is up-and-running again, actively grinding grain for local consumers such as Krumpets. Jude also asked Aaron to re-stock brochures at the windmill and discuss the possibility of re-opening the windmill for presentations/events next spring with the Steering Committee next time we meet.

The cultural center remains closed at this time. Neil Luker sent grain from the center to a Wisconsin buyer. The furnace at the center was recently repaired.

Brian Tomman updated the Committee about Heritage Canyon’s recent re-opening after the storm damage caused by August’s derecho. The last Jammin’ in the Canyon for the season took place last week at the canyon. Brian also recently welcomed a bike group to the canyon and really enjoyed their visit. Jude Holesinger was given a $1,000 donation to “re-beautify” portions of the canyon.

Paula Ensinger has heard no further updates regarding potential downtown development.

There was an overwhelmingly positive response to Paula’s proposition that the Fulton home Christmas decoration competition continue. Aaron was asked to investigate possible available funds to award for said competition. Theme: “Bring Joy And Cheer To This Bad Year”

New tourism sign created by RK Graphics is progressing well. Pole is installed and directional signs are currently being conceptualized. Aaron was asked to contact RK Graphics regarding the price of each individual directional sign for future reference.

Jude asked about the status of the “Welcome to Fulton” signs (one by the bridge, one out by Rt. 84) that were damaged by August’s derecho. Aaron spoke with Dan Clark about it last week and was under the impression that repair progress was underway. Aaron agreed to follow up next week.

The American Crafters are still moving forward with the 2020 Christmas Walk at Heritage Canyon. Carol Fritz will update Aaron/Committee regarding any possible needs they might have as they plan for the walk. Aaron was asked to check with RK Graphics regarding the possibility of constructing sandwich board signs for future city events (including the Christmas Walk). Aaron was also asked to check whether or not there are any available funds for the shuttle service that will be required for the walk.

Barb Mask asked Aaron to add the Lincoln Highway sign as an agenda item for discussion at our next meeting in November.

Next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, November 11 at 4:30 PM.

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