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Parks and Recreation Committee Minutes - April 1, 2019

Minutes of April 1, 2019



Attending: Jackie Wilkin, Steve Boonstra (neighbor), Christa Curley (arrived after ball game), Randy Boonstra, City Administrator, Alderman Sue Van Kampen (who left early because of illness) and Alderman Barbara Mask.
Expected to attend but unable to be present were: Elise Vogel and Derek German.

1. Pleasure Park discussion was the first item on the agenda. The main question was: If the ballpark is provided some improvement, would it relieve some of the scheduling demands for the summer recreation program? Issues at this ballpark are: lighting, fencing, field work, and bleachers (priority listing). It was estimated to be about $29,000 for a comprehensive lighting upgrade. Steve Boonstra made contact with BNC Electric. Details are available on request. Current use is for traveling teams and girls’ practices plus pickup and family games. The neighbors all enjoy having the ball park there. A discussion followed on maximizing the use of Heritage Park: the playground equipment purchased by the City /pros and cons of this location for the climbing bars; relocating a memorial flagpole to George Busch (currently by the Dornbush driveway) and provide lighting on this flag when moved near the Klooster Memorial Monument. (Dan Clark said Public Works could relocate the Busch memorial. Parking currently poses no apparent problems.
When Christa Curley arrived, her input on Pleasure Park was requested. With repairs, she thought the travelling teams headed by Andy Myers could play their games there, along with continued use as a practice location. Her suggestions included, improved lighting, fence repairs, restrooms, concession stand, storage shed and accessing the striping/lining machine. She likes the idea of all the ballparks being in one area such as the Drives Park, but readily agrees that the refurbished Pleasure Park ball field would improve her scheduling challenges. She quoted a text from Andy Myers who estimated a new ballpark complex would cost between $300,00 to $400.000.

2. Kiwanis Park discussion: comments about the safety of the area because of traffic, moving the ball diamond to another location and parking issues. Issues are the same at each ballpark: parking, lighting, concession stands, bleachers and storage sheds. Jackie Wilkin would like to see a splash pad located there.

3. Christa Curley, President of the Summer Recreation Board, provided the attendees with the Summer Recreation Program statistics:
50 Tee Ball players; an additional 200 ages from 7-15. There are currently six boys traveling teams ages 9-14 with a total of about 65 players. About 20 girls play on area traveling teams.
Randy Boonstra, City Administrator, stated that there are no lights currently available for Pleasure Park (some one thought that some already existed). He also said any work would not start until after this season ends.
Next meeting of the Parks & Recreation Committee is scheduled for May 6, 2019 at 6:00 in the Council Chamber. Agenda items will include: 1) Heritage Park and Pleasure Park planning update and 2) the ‘Blecha or BBBB Property’ discussion.

Aldermen Barbara Mask & Sue VanKampen




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