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Parks and Recreation Committee Minutes - May 6, 2019

Minutes of May 6 2019
6:00 p.m.

Attendees: Aldermen Barbara Mask and Sue Van Kampen, Randy Boonstra, City Administrator

1. Blecha Property: pictures of possible murals were shown for consideration on the north side of the Bielema Building: two are of reproductions of a building with great detail and visual appeal. The other is of a steamboat displaying more clouds and sky; simpler in design and thus, less expensive to execute on the wall. The wall plays an integral part in the setting which needs lightening up of the space. More examples will be viewed. Marge Bielema is gathering estimates on the cost of preserving and prepping the wall. Meetings with possible muralists have already been held. Discussion also on the ground/floor space of the corner lot: pave it; brick it; patio blocks? What will the focus be? We looked at tables, benches, a small decorative wall that could be used for seating. The Mayor asked us last Saturday to make this development a top priority.

2. Pleasure Park: Discussion covered the topics of cost, usage, repairs needed to become more functional. The neighbors like the ball park there. Same issues discussed at the last meeting.
Sue informed us that she made contact with Com Ed who are offering new lighting the area residents and businesses. The question is which ball park would get the new lighting? Sue suggested that we request new lighting for the Drives’ Park field that needs lights because that would be the most expensive and the City Council could consider paying for the lighting upgrade at Pleasure Park. We agreed and she will pursue this with Com Ed. Sue recalled that Christa Curley stated at our last meeting, “that Pleasure Park improved usage would take a big burden off scheduling the games.”

3. Discussion about the equipment placement also took place. Will the City Council allow us as a park committee to use the vacant lot or does the City want to sell it? It has been for sale for years; the asking price is $30,000. Council will be asked at a future meeting. Input from other baseball coaches have been sought and appreciated by our committee: Andy Myers and Brent Dykstra have been very helpful in advising us of their suggestions and needs.

The Parks & Recreation Committee requests to be on the Committee of the Whole Meeting at the second meeting of the month.

The next meeting will be June 3 @ 6:00 in the Council Chamber.

Respectfully submitted, Aldermen Mask and Van Kampen



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