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Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting Minutes - January 16, 2020

Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting on January 16 2020 @ 06:30 pm

Meeting called to order by Rich Kummerer @6:30 pm.

Roll call was taken. Present where Josh Proud, Linda North, Jason Brewer, Tom Henschel and Rich Kummerer. Member absent where Brad Huizenga and Dave Murphy.

Pledge Allegiance was done.

No members of the public attended the meeting.

Approved the minutes of the July 18 2019 meeting.

A motion was made by Jason B and seconded by Linda N. Roll call was taken.

Jason, Linda, Josh, and Rich voted yes with Tom abstaining.

Discussion was held on the issue car ports allowed in the city limits. No member had an issue with them being constructed in the city. All member agreed that some regulations need to be put in place. The board asked Dale Sikkema to create the guide lines and bring them back to the board for review and vote on them. Dale asked question about what the board would like to see as the guide lines. The board expressed interest in a definition of a car port, height requirement, and whether it should be able to be place on grass or a pad of some type. They also looked at whether it should have the same type of exterior as the primary residence. The board decided it would be ok for metal on the side as long as it is the same color as the residence. We also talked about how far the material could come down on the sides. Everyone thought 12 inches to 36 inches. The side cannot be totally enclosed.

The board asked if the meetings could be held on a different night. I told them it can meet on any night. They decided that Tuesday night would be the preferred night to meet.

Dale will have the guide lines for the board to look at for the next meeting which could come in February.

Meeting Ended at 7:25pm on the 16th of Jan. With all members voting to adjourn.

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