De Immigrant Windmill

de Immigrant Summer 2018
de Immigrant Summer 2018
January 14, 2019

2019 de Immigrant Volunteer Miller's Events at the Fulton Windmill Cultural Center (WCC)

Events are sponsored by de Immigrant Volunteer Millers through a grant from D.S. Flikkema Foundation, unless otherwise noted. All events are held at the Windmill Cultural Center at 111- 10th Avenue in Fulton, IL.
The Windmill Cultural Center is located across the street from Fulton’s de Immigrant Dutch windmill at the corner of 10th Avenue and 1st Street.  Events are subject to change.

For more information call 815-589-3925 or visit "Windmill Cultural Center" on Facebook. The Windmill Cultural Center is accessible to persons with disabilities. Events are FREE and open to the public.

Thurs. January 17 @ 6:00pm: Karpeles Manuscript Museum, Rock Island, IL - Margie Cain

Tues. February 12 @ 6:00pm: “The Quirks and Chaos of 1968” - Prof. Brian P. Hilton, Storyteller/Historian -  Scott Community College

Thurs. March 21 @ 6:00pm: “Nez Perce and Native American Humanities” - Galen Leonardy (Includes singing - Black Hawk Speakers Bureau)

Sunday, April 28 @ 2:00pm: “Our Neighbors, The Amish” - Don and Dianne Kramer, Dyersville, IA  (with Amish treats! )  * MORE DETAILS IN ADDITIONAL "EVENTS" HEADING

Sunday, May 19 @ 2:00pm: “African Safari thru Pictures” - Traci (Vanderploeg) Kraemer

Thurs. June 13 @ 6:00pm: “Eastern Bluebirds: Past, Present, and Future” - Joan Harmet and Richard Bach (Bluebird Recovery Program of Jo Daviess Conservation Foundation)

Tues. July 2 @ 6:00pm: “Melodies of the Civil War” - Dan Haughty, Illinois Humanities Road Scholar

Thurs. August 15 @ 6:00pm:“Pine Creek Grist Mill” - Tom Hanifan, Muscatine, IA

Thurs. Sept 12 @ 6:00pm: John Deere: A Discussion of the History & Future of Agriculture - Brian Fox Ellis, Author, Historian and Storyteller                                

Sunday, October 27 @ 2:00pm: “The Other Assassinations: McKinley and Garfield” - Ron Koehn, Social Studies Instructor

Tues. November 19 @ 6:00pm: KROS Radio History

Saturday, December 7: 5:00pm - Fulton Old Fashioned Hometown Christmas Walk                       

Events are subject to change. For more information call Fulton Tourism at 815-589-3925 or visit the Windmill Cultural Center Facebook page. The Windmill Cultural Center is accessible to persons with disabilities. Check schedule of events on, or at Fulton Illinois Toruism on Facebook. 
Events are FREE and open to the public.

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